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All around the battlefield, similar scenes took place.

Handsome men and beautiful women clad in black jeans and black jackets falling from the sky, killing Chitauri soldiers with various weapons.

Some used 4-meter-long bike chains to rip and tear enemies in half, some used 30 cm wide returning circular blades (chakram) to split enemies into pieces from far away, while some used comically huge reaper scythes (imagine Celty Sturluson Scythe) to literally hack down lives like harvesting grains.

Each android working individually across the battlefield felt like a reaper descended down to earth to reap the souls of the Chitauri.

Each movement, elegant yet deadly, accurate and lethal, no wasted movement against the Chitauri soldiers, as each stroke of their weapons claimed 3-4 lives.


Some place in the battlefield, Black Widow was currently fighting against a small group of Chitauri soldiers, punching, kicking, somersaulting, and gracefully killing them off one by one.

Disarming the Chitauri of their weapons was quite easy for some one of her skill, grab, twist, pull, and then cut of the tether to the soldier.


Using one such disarmed weapon, she continued her attack against the soldiers, eliminating them faster than ever.

But no matter how skilled a human is, at the end of the day, they are just that. Human.

Accidents are bound to happen.

While taking care of enemies on the ground, a Leviathan flew over her, ejecting a new batch of Chitauri soldiers. One such soldier landed right behind her, catching her off guard, and sending a blast of its gun towards Black Widow.


Suddenly, a mass fell right on top of the Chitauri soldier, crushing it into something that needed pixels to cover it up.

But it was too late, the shot had been fired, and that shot hit Black Widow in the abdomen, right as she turned around to counter the new enemy.

Blasted back by the force of the shot, Black Widow flew back about 3 meters, crashing on the ground, vomiting mouthfuls of blood.

"Oh Shit. Came too late." Exclaimed the figure that crushed the Chitauri into mincemeat.

Walking towards the fallen Black Widow, the figure swung its arms, whipping out a huge, long, black bike chain, and swung it around in a circle, splitting open all the Chitauri soldiers in the vicinity in half.

Walking up the unconscious Widow, the figure knelt down, and placed its palm on her heart, scanning her condition.

"Hey Boss, Black Widow is down, shot in her abdomen and hit her head on impact, loosing blood fast, need help here." The figure spoken into her wrist while progressing to cover up the wound with some white foamy spray to stop the bleeding.

Some where in the air near the portal, Lucifer was currently fighting against a pair of Leviathans, slowly chopping off parts of its body when he got a call from Android 9.

"Hey Sage, where's 9. … Ok got it." he opened a portal right behind him before jumping through it to arrive next to a kneeling figure of number 9 over the unconscious Nat.

"Oh, come on, how can she be this careless, she's supposed to be one of the best fighters. Well never mind.

Great Sage, scan her body." He called out, while turning his fingers into long, thin white strands and inserting them into her wound.

"Ok, into her blood vessels, sealing off the area, pumping my blood to increase healing capability, …

Oh she lost a lot of blood. Wait, has she been fighting with a wound on her thigh all this time? Damn, how was she still standing up." He exclaimed while continuing to pump his energy, healing cells, along with his "blood" into her blood vessels.

From the outside, the wound started to slowly but surely start to recover, regenerating her impacted organs, blood vessels, nerves, muscles and skin, turning it back to its original state.

After kneeling over her body for 10 seconds, the wound in her stomach, thigh and head all recovered, and a few seconds later Nat's eyes fluttered open.

Nat's POV

It was quite challenging at first, battling these alien creatures with nothing but my fists and kicks, but eventually, after taking down a few dozen soldiers, the process was way simpler.

All of them had the same attacking pattern, all of them relied heavily on their weapons, and once you disable their guns, they stand wide open.

Of course, figuring this out was not easy. When fighting against maybe the 15th or 16th Chitauri, a bastard got a shot at me from my side, grazing my thigh, but still taking off a sizable chunk off my thigh.

"Well that's gonna hurt as hell tomorrow." I said to myself while ignoring the wound, and continuing the slaughter, but this time with their own weapons used against them.

This continued for a while, when suddenly, when fighting against a small group, a shadow passed over my head and a sound came from my back.

All my instincts telling me to avoid an attack, but I still turned around.

Just as I turned around, a sharp pain, along with a feeling of being hit by a truck overcame me, as I flew backwards.

Looking at my attacker, I could see him crushed into mincemeat just as I turned around, and moving towards me was a tall hunk in black jacket, swinging a chain around him, killing everything around us.

Then, I blacked out.

It seemed as if an eternity passed by. Or was it a second, but I woke up to see too pairs of eyes looking down at me.

"What happened?" I called out in a hoarse voice. I could faintly taste iron and copper in my mouth.

'Blood, ah right, I got shot by those aliens. Wait, why don't I feel pain. I can still see the portal up in the sky so it shouldn't be too long." Looking around these thoughts raced through my mind.


"Ah, you woke up. You should be good as new now. Get up. You can take a break, or you can continue fighting, your choice." Lucifer said.

Seeing her stand up groggily, Android 9 went up to help her stand.

'Even though she's healed, she still feels the effect of the injury huh. Must record that.' Thought Lucifer.

"Ah Lucifer is that you. What happened?" Nat asked to which he replied with the summary of how she got shot down and how he healed her.

"What, you healed that huge wound. And you're saying it took you seconds to do that. Holy shit, how many more secrets to you hold." She exclaimed, looking down to examine her stomach. 'No scars. None, all gone. Even that from the Winter Soldier. Yay bikinis now.'

"Many. Now I should get back to the battle. It's about time to end this. 9, take her to the towers. Let her rest." Saying so, I opened up another portal and jumped inside to resume hunting down Leviathans.


"Oi, the council sent a nuke towards us. It should take about 50 seconds till impact.

Tony already intercepted it. And currently, the portal generator is still unmanned. Except that Selvig guys, though he's knocked out." Great sage spoke up in his mind.

"Alright, time to steal some stones." Rubbing my hands together, I jump into another portal and land on the roof of the Stark Tower.

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