530 Are you liking someone eles?

Anna's POV:

Maybe he is asking me to help him to prepare the cheese Toast, so I immediately nodded my head as ok and again try to get down from the table but he again made me sit on the table by holding my waist and came close to my ear to say something and I am trying to listen to him very carefully.

Mark: I want to eat your cum, Anna.

(Marks said in my ear with his low husky tone and I open my mouth out of shock and looked at Mark with my widened eyes.)

Mark: so will you co-operate with me?

(Now I understand what he means by cheese and I understand why he wants me to cooperate to him.)

Anna: Markkkkkkk...

(I immediately scream out of shyness, but Mark holds my waist and pulled me close to him and slowly started removing the blanket around my body. I looked around whether if there is any servant are lurking at us but as Mark said I did not find any servants. I feel a bit relieved but, I still feel nervous that how Mark will eat my cum…

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