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A sky Eye


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Nyx has never liked being a princess, all the responsibilities that it came with were horrible. She finds freedom in going to parties and disobeying straight rules set by her father. The king didn't seem to mind and rarely paid attention to her anyway, but after her mother died he strictly forbade her from leaving the castle, but Nyx wouldn't be a real delinquent if she stopped at the first strike. Finally, after a lot of trouble with rebels she was sent to the institute, a place where princesses were thought to be better. Nyx had heard a lot about that place from her mother and uncle, who usually told her stories, and her experiences with meeting women who went are terrible. She gets sent to the place despite her protests and there she meets the principal, the mysterious Selene, who seems strange the moment Nyx lays her eyes on her. After the horrible lessons and the impossibly exorbitant amount of homework, she takes the time to make new friends and friend-enemy. But rapidly things take a strange turn when Nyx discovers a terrible of Selene and the academy. Determined to stop the evil going on in that place, she realizes all who will help her and her might to stop it.


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