1 A Drunk Witch Is a Dangerous Witch

The night was dark and cold.Barely a living soul was out on the grungy streets on the outskirts of a college campus. Everyone was either in their warm homes or partying indoors on this hollow night.

The moon shined brightly, lighting the dimmed streets like a guiding path for all those who do not wish to wander in darkness.

"Is there anything worth living for anymore?!" a voiced cried out from the cold streets.

"Shhhh...shut up!" Iris melodically giggled to her friend Karen as she pulled on her arm trying to guide her straight but failing at.

They were both terribly drunk as they trudged to their housing unit which was only a couple of blocks away. They both carried their high heels shoes in their hands. Their feet were in pain from walking in them all day.

Iris could feel her smudged costume makeup itchy her skin. She patted her face with irritation and started pulling off her long black wig that went with her Morticia Addams costume. She glanced over at Karen who wore a tight skinned Cat Woman costume.

"Hey, hold my shoes and wig." Iris told Karen as she shoved her heels and wig towards Karen and began moving up her long and tight black dress. "I should've gone as a pirate." She mumbled to herself as she kept trying to pin up the dress so she can walk without feeling like she will trip every second.

"Do you think Todd is hooking up with Brianna, right?" Karen whined. Her eyeliner and mascara already rained down her face from the previously crying session she had about the two.

"There 100% screwing each other, just forget him, Karen." Iris replied to her as she began taking back her heels and wigs from Karen's arms. She stuffed the wig into her small purse but it wasn't fitting in completely.

"Ugh, that stupid bitch! She grabbed him just to piss me off because she knew I had a crush on him and was going to make a move tonight!" Karen cried out loud before squatting down in anguish.

"Ah, Karen, please." Iris pleaded as she tried to pulling Karen up. "Let's not do this here. We are almost home."

"It's not fair! That bitch not only came in the same costume as me, but she fucking had to take Todd too! Just wait until I slap that bitch tomorrow. She thinks I am going to take it lying down, but hell no I ain't no pussy!" Karen declared loudly into Iris ear. It was enough to sober Iris up a bit.

"Yes, you will." Iris encouraged with a nodded as she pulled Karen along with her, hoping her friend won't make any more stops.

"Oh, I know! I know! Let's curse her, Iris." Karen declared with excitement, jumping up and down. "I mean, you are a witch after all. You said so yourself that your mom or what is your grandma said you were a witch. Why didn't I think of this sooner! Aren't I a freaking genius?"

"Uh huh, sure." Iris agreed. No longer listening to her clearly intoxicated friend.

They finally reached a small house at the corner of the street. It was a blue wooden framed house with uneven grass that covered the front yard and a small concert path that lead to the front door. The house looked empty if it weren't for a small light at the entrance of the door shined.

Iris and Karen tumbled in with the night air's chill blowing inside with them.

Iris threw down everything she carried at the side of the doorway, unable to care it any longer. Karen immediately ran upstairs in excitement, slipping a couple of times but persistent in her goal.

"Don't take too long in the bathroom!" Iris yelled at her as she flopped onto the couch. Her head kept buzzing away. It always buzzed on Halloween night. It was annoying when she was younger but she slowly became used to it. Her mom used to say it was her magic wanting to seep out but Iris never really bought into that stuff.

There were loud banging noises coming from upstairs. Iris listened for a couple of seconds before getting up to see if Karen was alright.

"Karen, you oka-..what hell are you doing?!" Iris asked as her concern turned to annoyance as she saw the room a complete mess.

Karen continued throwing things around, ignoring Iris until she exclaimed, "I found the book!"

Iris watched as Karen waved an old leather bound book in the air. It was her grandmother's and mom's spell book.It has been passed down to each female in the family for generations.

"What are doing with that?" Iris questioned.

"You're going to do a curse on that bitch Brianna!" Karen replied with glee as she looked through the pages of the book. "Come help me find the spell." Karen said as she pulled Iris over to sit on the clothing filled floor.

"Alright, alright." Iris said too tired and drunk to explain to her friend that it won't work.

Iris and Karen glanced through the old mustard yellow pages. There were many pictures inside with descriptions, then ingredients with spells.

"This one looks alright." Iris said as she point to an illustration of an ugly goblin. "Let's send her the goblin to mess with her."

"No, it says they are just trickster. Let's send her something else, much scarier...like this guy." Karen said as found a page with a creepy looking horned creature.

"Paimon is a vicious demon lord who causes chaos and mayhem. He grants wishes to those who summon him. But beware-" Iris read aloud from the book before being cut off.

"Yes yes lets just go with this guy! Read the spell for him!" Karen interrupted with excitement as she turned the page for the spell.

Iris glanced at the spell ingredient and read out loud, "It says we need to make a boundary with fire and blood from both a witness and a witch.I don't know about the blood part, Karen." Iris shook her head.

"Oh don't be a baby, it's just a small drop of blood anyway." Karen said as she went to grab scissors and a lighter.

Iris sighed. It isn't real anyway. She told herself as she ignored the bad feeling in her stomach. Her fingers felt tingling as she started drawing a pentagram circle as instructed in the book.

Karen sat down next to her. There was a small glint in her eyes that Iris thought she saw.

"Why don't we do this after we sober up a bit with some coffee or something?" Iris suggested. She felt she couldn't really think straight enough while drunk.

"No. We have to do this now!" Karen said firmly as she lit up a ball of paper in the middle of the circle that was made. She brought the scissors to her hand she sliced her palm. Blood gushed down from it.

"Hey! You didn't need to cut that much. Are you crazy?!" Iris shouted pulling on her friend's hand to cover it with a t-shirt that was near her.

"It doesn't even hurt. My periods are worse. Hurry up and do your blood and say the words." Karen said urgently as she covered her hand.

With hesitation, put her hand above the little fire. She felt an energy surrounding her and compelling her to keep going. The more she looked at the fire, the more she felt it was staring back at her. She sliced her finger and watched as the blood dripped in the fire causing it to grow stronger.

"Say the words." Karen urged.

"I summon thee,

Demon Lord Paimon,

come forth, in darkness,

come forth, in wrath.

I bind thee to me,

due as I bid,

grant me my wish."

Iris spoke, her voice became louder as she felt power running along her veins. She has never felt such a rush. It was thrilling yet terrifying all the same. There was a familiar buzz that seem too in compass her mind and the pain from it was deafening.

A loud siren noise went off all of sudden. Iris looked up and realized it was the smoke deter. The fire had gotten too big and it set it off.

"That's it?" Karen complained over the alarm as if she expected something more to happen.

"What did you expect?! Ah, shit!" She shouted as she tried stomping it out until it was gone and only the smell of smoke filled the air.

"We should've never done this! Karen, come help." She coughed the smoke filling her lungs. Iris turned to look at Karen, her vision was blurred. All she could make out was a dark figure then everything went black. She was engulfed in complete and utter darkness.