1 Lesson One Chapter One - Royal Academy Of Diavolo - RAD

I felt my eyes being tightly shut as bright light filled my vision. Slowly opening my eyes looking trying to see what the problem was I was shocked to see I was in a place that clearly wasn't my room. I felt myself be quickly surrounded by wind and the clothes on my body felt different. Looking down at myself I realize I was in some type of school uniform.

'Where am I. . .? What up with this new clothing? Is this some weird ass dream or am I getting pranked again. . .' While I was looking around the place I was in I realized it looked kind of like a courtroom. In front of me I see several men looking at me each with different emotions in their eyes.

I awkwardly shuffled my feet as I tried to understand what was happening when the man who was in the seat of the chief judge smiled at me and started speaking. "Welcome to the Devildom, Yuki."

'Devildom. . .? What the hell is Devildom?' The man in the seat of the chief judge noticed the confusion and shock on my face which caused him to frown slightly. ". . .Oh, pardon me. Feeling a bit shocked, are we? Well, that's understandable. You've only just arrived, after all. As a human, it will probably take a little while for you to adjust to things here in the Devildom."

I only felt my confusion and shock grow even more as the man spoke to me. 'This has to be a dream. Also what does he mean by "As a human"? Is he some type of chuunibyou?' As I tried to understand what the situation I was clearly in was, I came to an obvious conclusion. "Is this a dream. . .?"

After I said that the man in the chief seat chuckled at that like what I just said was a joke. "Hmm. . . What a very human thing to say. Outstanding. I have a feeling you might be just the sort of person we're looking for. I suppose I should start by introducing myself. My name is Diavolo. I am the ruler of all demons, and all here know of me. And someday soon, I will be crowned king of the Devildom." The man stands from his seat which makes it seem like he is towering over me causing me to shrink a little bit into myself.

"This is the Royal Academy of Diavolo. . . though we just call it RAD. You're standing inside the assembly hall, the very heart of RAD. This is where we officers of the student council hold our meetings and conduct our business. I'm the president of said council." As Diavolo talks I slowly come to realize that maybe this isn't a dream at all and that I really am in a place far away from home with a bunch of people who I don't know at all and that I am a human in a place filled with demons.

I put my arms behind my back so I could tightly squeeze my hands together until I felt a sting of pain in my hand. 'The fact I could feel pain doesn't make me feel happy at all.' Frowning and avoiding eye contact with Diavolo I could feel my heartbeat slowly increasing. "Not to be rude or anything but when can I go home?" As soon as I said that one of the men in the seat stood up and looked down at me. He was wearing a school uniform that looked just like mine with black gloves covering his hands. His hair that was neatly done was black with grayish highlights at the tips. His red eyes stood out on his slightly pale skin and made a chill go down my back when I accidently made contact with them. "I will explain everything to you."

Diavolo smiled at the rather intimidating man who just spoke with sparkles in his eyes. "Yuki, this is Lucifer. He is a demon and the Avatar of Pride. He's also the vice president of the student council and my right-hand man. . . and not just in title, I assure you. Beyond that, he's also my most trusted friend."

Lucifer sighs at what Diavolo said while shaking his head with a frown on his face. "Flattery will get you nowhere, Diavolo." After saying that Lucifer looked at me with a smile on his face which left me with mixed emotions of fear and embarrassment.

"Speaking on behalf of the entire student body at this great and storied school of ours. . . I offer you a most heartfelt welcome, Yuki." I felt confused on how I should feel at Lucifer who gave me a polite but cold feeling.

'But this still doesn't answer when I can go home but I really shouldn't be rude to a demon if I want to live to see another day.' Trying not to be rude to Lucifer who could very much kill me really easily I didn't push on my question from behind and decided to focus on something else. "On behalf of the students?" I feel like demons really wouldn't like a human like me if I am being honest with myself.

"Diavolo believes that we demons should start strengthening our relationship with both the human world and The Celestial Realm. As a first step toward this goal, we've decided to institute an exchange program. We've sent two of our students to the human world and two to the Celestial Realm. And we're welcoming four students to our school: two from your world and two from the Celestial Realm. So, I take it you've probably put two and two together at this point, right?" I slowly nodded my head but felt some form of confusion as all this information sunk into my head 'B-But I didn't sign up for some exchange program. . . I think?'

I didn't get time at all to process my situation before Lucifer continued speaking. "You've been chosen from among the people of the human world to participate in this program of ours. You are our newest exchange student. Your period of stay is one year. You will have to work on the tasks that you will receive from RAD. After one year, you will write a paper about your exchange here in the Devildom." I felt a bunch of rocks hit my head when I heard how long I was going to stay here and the fact I also have to do tasks during my stay here and then read a paper after my stay here is done.

'This is overkill! I could have just stayed here for one year but I have to deal with tasks!? Also why do I have to write a paper about my exchange experience?!' I could feel my eye unwillingly start to twitch as I tried to keep myself from snapping but I couldn't help but let some of my frustration show. "I have to write a paper?! That seems a bit much doesn't it?"

Lucifer just waved a hand at my worry like I was overreacting. "I am not telling you to write a doctoral thesis. You can take it easy." I couldn't help myself as I glared at Lucifer who just chuckled at me like I was a child. 'Well he is a demon who probably is way older than me. .. But still!'

"Don't glare at me like that. It's not like I will abandon you all by yourself here in the Devildom. You need someone to look after you, and I think that someone should be my brother Mammon. He's the Avatar of Greed and. . . how should I put it. . .? Oh well, you'll understand soon enough." I didn't like how Lucifer's expression got when he mentioned his brother. 'I'm going to suffer during my stay here aren't I?'

I could feel myself get surrounded when all of a sudden Lucifer disappeared from his seat and got in front of me holding something in his hand. He was holding it towards me waiting for me to take it. Slowly taking it I realize it was kind of like a phone. "Here, take this device. It's called a D.D.D. It's a lot like the cell phones of your world. This will be yours to use for as long as you're here. Now, go ahead and try calling Mammon with it."

With Lucifer standing in front of me I unlocked the phone and went to the contact on the phone. I realize there were already people in my contact. Going through the contact I found the contact with the name Mammon. I clicked on it and waited for the call to be answered.

"Yoooo." I could hear a male voice from the phone once it was finally answered and look toward Lucifer making sure it was the right person.

Once I got a nod from him I replied back to Mammon. "Hello. . ." The call went silent for a while and I was worried that he ended the call for a second.

"Huh? Who the hell are ya? You ain't Lucifer." Well at least he didn't hang up on me but I could feel a headache appearing from how quickly this guy got rude towards me.

"I'm a human." I couldn't bother giving him my name so I just told him I was a human but quickly moved the phone away from my ear once he raised his voice.

"Whaaa? A human? Geez, I was gettin' all chilly here thinkin' it was Lucifer again. Ya should've told me right away. So, what business does a human got with THE Mammon?" I could feel my eyebrow twitching as I finally understood what Lucifer was talking about concerning his brother. 'Stuck up much?'

"You will be in charge of me from now on. Let's get along well Mammon." Remembering how my grandparents always told me to be respectful to people even when they are rude I manage not to get mad at him.

"No way! There's nothin' in it for me. Whaddya mean by "be in charge of you"? AAH! I get it now, you're the other human-the new exchange student! G'luck with that, and see ya." I could feel my eye twitching now but remembering how Lucifer was still in front of me I tried to stop him from hanging up.

"Lucifer called for you" As soon as I said that the call was silent for a while before I heard him laugh loudly causing me to move the phone away from my ear again. 'I really hope he is some type of gap moe or else this will be a long year for us.'

"Pfft, whatever. Ya think, THE Mammon would listen to ya just 'cause you're tryin' to scare me with that name?" Before I could say anything else Lucifer leaned in close to me causing my face to grow a bit warm.

"You've got 10 seconds. . . 9. . .8. . ." As soon as Lucifer spoke into the phone Mammon stopped speaking quickly. "YESSIR!" With that Mammon hung up the phone and Lucifer rubs at his forehead with a tired sigh.

"He should be here soon. How about you sit and wait for him Yuki?" Lucifer motion toward the table that was behind me to sit at. I moved toward the table slowly and sat down. As I was sitting at the table I was fully processing everything that was happening at the moment to me. When a thought came to me fast and hard.

'Wait! Do my grandparents and brothers know I am here?! They must have given them some letter or notice right!?' This thought was going through my head as I waited for Mammon to arrive at the assembly hall.

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