29 Lesson Four Chapter Twenty-Nine - Up The Stairs (1)

I open the door to the planetarium. I was shocked at how many rooms this house has. It's like when I think I saw everything a new room just showed up. I looked around the room with nervous eyes and flinched a bit when I made eye contact with a frowning Levi.

"...Finally. I've been waiting for you to show up. It took you long enough. When I call for you, you need to come right away, understand? Don't walk, run. I want you moving at light speed." Levi complained to me as I walked fully into the room after I closed the door to the room. I felt kind of annoyed that he wanted me to rush over to a place I never actually been to before. I am still new to this place.

"Like the way Henry races over whenever his best friend the Lord of Shadow calls on him. You saw the TSL DVDs, so you should know. He comes riding up on the winged unicorn that he won off of the Lord of Fools in a bet." I had to agree with Levi about the relationship between the Lord of Shadow and Henry is simply the best…. I was even shipping them as I was watching the DVDs. They could easily become the best couple.

"...Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not saying you and I are best friends or anything. As if. So, do you know why I called you here?" Levi looked at me seriously and I grew quiet as I thought deeply about what I should say.

He tried to kill me and that scared the shit out of me but I guess I could see where he was coming from. If someone were to take my title of biggest fan with my favorite anime I would be angry as well, especially if they are just beginners to it. I feel like the situation could have gone better if I actually tried to talk to Levi instead of provoking him.

"Let's be friends." I held out my hand to Levi, waiting for him to shake it. I don't know if he would have given me a high five like the scene between the Lord of Shadow and Henry but I wanted to take a step in the right direction.

"What?! Did you say, friends? You and me….?! A-A-Are you…. Are you out of your mind?! You do know I tried to attack you, right? And that if Lucifer hadn't intervened, you'd be dead right now. You realize that, right? I mean, that literally JUST happened. Have you already forgotten, or are you that dumb? Do you have the memory of a goldfish or something? Or maybe you've gotten amnesia?" Levi was speaking quickly as he avoided looking at me but I could see that he was slowly getting red in the face.

"Also… let's be friends? Seriously? What are you, five years old? Who actually walks up to somebody and asks something like that?! Could you BE any lamer?! You're unbearable!" Levi was panting when he finished insulting me and his face was fully red at the moment. It was quiet for a while and my hand was still just in front of me awkwardly.

"...All right, look. Here's the thing. You remember why we decided to have that competition in the first place, right? It was to see who the bigger TSL fan was. And I told you that if you won, I'd enter into a pact with you. That little trump card you pulled out was a real dirty trick… but a promise is a promise, after all. It really kills me to do this… it makes my stomach churn. But, I'll keep my end of the bargain. I'll do it. I'll make a pact with you." Levi wasn't looking at me as he said this, his face still red.

"Thank you." I gave him a happy smile at him agreeing to form a pact with me. It felt like me almost dying was worth all the trouble in the end.

"Hmph…." Levi gave an indifferent noise but he put his hand in mine and I felt that feeling when I made a pact with Mammon appear again. I could see the pact marking that I made with Mammon slowly get bigger as another design made its way into the pact mark.

"...So, what's all this about, anyway? There's something you're not telling me, isn't there? A normie human like you asking to make a pact with a demon like me? You must have some sort of ulterior motive." The smile on my face froze as Levi's hand let go of mine and looked at me with questioning eyes.

I awkwardly avoided his eyes as I felt guilty about what I was going to ask him for. I kind of wish this could have gone in a different direction like in one of my favorite anime "I Became The Pretend Girlfriend Of My Childhood Friend But I Am A Boy!"

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