33 Lesson Four Chapter Thirty-Three - Beelzebub, Avatar of Gluttony (1)

"Mmm, this is amazing! Ahh… nothin' beats a fried scorpion sandwich with vinegar and tartar sauce for a late morning snack! In a bento box with all the fixings, of course!" I tried not to flinch at Mammon's loud voice. I was about to fall asleep due to my lack of sleep from last night but Mammon's voice woke me up. I was half-awake through most of the class and felt like I may just pass out on the ground.

"D'ah… Beel!" Mammon quickly guarded his food when all of a sudden Beel was by his side. I was surprised he was here so quickly after he heard someone talking about food.

"St-Stop it! This is MINE! Don't look at my food like that. It's like you're devouring it with your eyes!" Mammon was glaring at Beel as he was protecting his food from him.

"I don't want it." Beel shook his head with a frown on his face. I looked at him with a raised eyebrow. I thought he liked to eat anything that is remotely food.

"...Huh? Wait, what's that now? Did you just say you don't want it? You're actually tellin' me you don't want this crazy good fried scorpion sandwich with vinegar and tartar sauce?! Are ya outta your mind?! Are you sick to your stomach?! Is this the day when hell really does freeze over?! Or wait… is this a dream?!" I couldn't understand why Mammon was reacting this way. Shouldn't he be happy that Beel didn't want to eat his food? He is such a confusing person.

"Nope. None of the above." Beel still had a frown on his face as he shook his head again. I wonder if something was bothering him...

"All right, then what's goin' on here?!" Mammon slammed his hand on his desk causing his bento to jump a little in the air and cause some of his food to come out. I was thinking about how that was going to attract something in the classroom and that he needed to clean that up.

"I don't like your cooking, that's all." Beel bluntly told Mammon that with a smile on his face and I could just hear an arrow hit Mammon's chest at this information.

"Wow, way to say somethin' super rude like it's no big deal, Beel. That really hurts, ya know! Actually, though, I DIDN'T make this. I got it from a witch who gave it to me as an offering." Mammon had a smug smile on his face as he said this but I really didn't believe it was an offering from a witch, probably a bribe or something like that…

"All right then, I'll take it." Beel reached over to take Mammon bento with drool coming out of his mouth and Mammon quickly moved it out of Beel reach.

"Uh, what? No, you won't. What makes you think you can have this? I don't remember offerin' it to you. Although, if you want it that bad, I guess I could sell it to you as a special favor. If you ain't got cash on you, I'll take precious gems as payment instead. I'd probably settle for sapphires, rubies, Moldavite-" As Mammon was talking Beel snatched the bento away from him rather quickly and started to eat it. I was surprised at how fast he moved to steal the food.

"HEY… WHOA! I didn't say you could eat that! ... D'ah, you wolfed the whole thing down in three seconds flat! I want my morning snack back, Beel! … Actually, no… Too late. Give me money. You owe me now!" Mammon had a hand out to Beel as he gestured for him to give him money.

"Sorry, it's all gone. And I don't have any money, either. Or gemstones." Beel threw the empty bento on the desk carelessly and Mammon let out a growl at the uncaring Beel.

"Hey, Yuki! Don't just sit there watching! Say somethin' to Beel!" Mammon looked at me and gestured with his eyes for me to say something to Beel. I really had no idea what to say to Beel. He was huge and a demon who could eat me.

"You shouldn't have done that, Beel." I had a feeling that Beel didn't even acknowledge what I said but I tried so that was good enough for me.

"You're damn straight he shouldn't have! Hey, are you listening, Beel?! Did ya hear that?!" Mammon noticed that Beel wasn't listening either and I was worried steam was going to come out of his ears.

"You know, it really could've used some pickles. The sandwich felt like it was missing something without them." Beel rub at his stomach with a serious expression and I swore I heard a vein pop from Mammon.

"No one asked whether you liked it, you idiot!" Mammon looked like he was going to jump at Beel and I was worried I would have to get in between two demons who could kill me easily.

"Hey there, you three. It's so nice to see how well you all get along." As soon as I heard Simeon's sweet voice and saw him with a smile on his face I felt my heartbeat increase.

"Wha? Are ya blind, Simeon?! Can't you see that we're ready to kill each other here?!" Mammon looked pissed off at Simeon but I could only see flowers surrounding him at the moment. He is such a good looking angel…

"Don't you dare speak to Simeon that way, demon! Show some respect!" Luke points at Mammon with a frown on his face that looks more like a pout to me.

"Eh? Ah, Fido… it's you. Didn't even realize you were there." Mammon looked down at Luke with an indifferent expression on his face.

"Wh...don't call me Fido! My NAME is Luke. Can't you get that through your head?! Or are you as stupid as you are rude?!" Luke puffs up his cheeks as he stomps his feet on the ground and I feel guilty that I imagine a little dog jumping all over the place.

"Mmhm, whatever. Do you ever stop yippin' and yappin'?" Mammon walked over to Luke and raised his elbow on Luke's head. I could rage brewing in Luke's eyes as Mammon treated him like this.

"Hey, quit it! Don't rest your elbow on my head! Now you listen to me… I may not look important to you, but I'll have you know that I report directly to Michael-." Luke tried to say something but Mammon only moved around his head in a carefree way and I was worried he would hurt Luke's neck.

"Right, uh-huh. It's always "Michael this, Michael that" with you." Mammon had a finger in his ear as he listened half-ass to Luke rambling.

"Listen to me when I'm talking to you, demon!" Luke's face was getting red due to how angry he was and I was worried he may pass out due to his anger.

"Mammon, I know how cute Luke is when he's frustrated, but I think you've harassed him enough. I'd appreciate it if you'd stop." Simeon gave Mammon a firm look and that just made him even more attractive in my eyes. Kind yet serious when the time called for it.

"It's so hard not to, though. He's just so funny… Isn't that right, Beel?" Mammon ignored what Simeon said and looked over to Beel who was looking at Luke in a concerning way…

"I bet he tastes good." Beel's stomach growled as he said this and I felt concerned he may actually try to eat Luke.

"I am NOT funny! And I don't taste good, either!" Luke glared at Mammon and Beel but was slowly backing toward Simeon with a wary look on his face.

"So, what is it you angels want? I know you must want somethin'. Otherwise, you wouldn't walk up and strike up a conversation with us outta nowhere." Mammon looked at both the angels with a questioning look in his eyes.

"Ah yes, right. I almost forgot. We're actually planning to go on a camping trip soon, you see. We thought it would be a good way to have fun and get to know each other better. And that's why I'm here to invite you. We'd love it if you'd all join us." As soon as Simeon asked this I felt my face heat up thinking of being with Simeon and getting closer to each other and probably… holding hands! My heart can't calm down!

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