A Second Chance Romance Book

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A Second Chance Romance


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Jane got married at the young age of 21 with her high school sweet heart, but what happens when he tired of their marriage after just four years and is frustrated by the fact they still hadn’t conceived a child ? Calling her boring and infertile, her husband demands a divorce. Heart broken Jane runs away from what she thought was their first date in long time getting hit by a car. The last thing she see’s is her ex husband’s horrified face. She is surrounded by a white light and then wakes up in the middle of a vast forest. She can remember her dying, so she thinks this place her personal heaven as she was a botanist. (A scientist who studies plants) Until an arrow flys right by her ear hitting a tree behind her. She screams and begins to run but trips and falls spraining her ankle in the process Another arrow lands right next to her piercing the ground next to her hip. Two men appear on horse back, a tall dark hair man dismounts pointing a sword toward her throat. “I am crown prince Beau Delmar, what are you doing trespassing on my hunting grounds?” Crown prince ?! Hunting grounds!? One moment she was living a simple life in Seoul, the next she was being interrogated by a prince! After getting her heart broken and dying shortly after, maybe this was her second chance at life. Better yet her second chance Romance.


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