14 Chapter 14: Gestation and Graduation

I am already half way back to Konoha after finishing the mission near the Amegakure ambush. While practicing a frag grenade- like Ki blast, where I enclose compressed Ki orbs into another slightly bigger orb then bursts out in all directions of where it was thrown, I was contemplating on my actions. I know that my moral compass may have become questionable, or it already is from an outsiders point of view, but, I'm not trying to justify my actions but if it does so be it, if one takes the time to analyze situations and bring in other examples one can see how ones morals skew. In a world of Ninjas, not just the Naruto universe, how is it that no one speaks of the atrocities that occur to get to where they are. Especially Ninjas, Shinobis, where they are taught from childhood the art of assassination, gather information from infiltration by almost any means, sabotage, ransom, blackmail and torture. Kingdoms, empires, countries, religions and even our precious heroes are built on the foundation made of blood, bones and souls. Yet no one mentions to ask a king or a hero how many lives they had to step on or over to achieve what they have or even what they are willing to do to keep what they have. This is a world where the winner takes all and the loser falls. Of course, it goes without saying, in the world of One Piece, a world of pirates where the whole premise is to find treasure through killing, digging, looting and pillaging. With the chaos that comes with an invasion from pirates, how am I to believe that they will not commit horrors to get what they want? But I digress. I would have felt greater remorse if I had killed her after the blowjob, like a Grand Theft Auto hooker.

After calming down from my own inner turmoil, I reached the borders of Konoha. I sensed a few people hiding amongst the foliage and in the ground. I didn't care why they were there I just wanted to know who had the gall to attack me so close to Konoha. I was damn near the entrance of the village that I was able to hear those on duty greet me from the small distance. I stopped moving and took a deep breath.

Sage: I hope you know I seldom show mercy to those who are after my life but even for enemies, for you to have the balls to attack me near my village, you must not care for peace or show face among our villages.

I waited for 3 minutes. I yelled out to the guards on duty.

Sage: Hey Izumo-san, Hagane-san, by any chance are there any students or Genin nearby practicing to hide around here?

Izumo Kamizuki- Not that I know of, other than a few merchants and now you, Sarunokami-san, no one else should be around here.

Hagane Kotetsu- Yeah I haven't heard from any Jounin mentors or the Hokage mention of anyone practicing around here. Why do you ask?

While showing a smirk.

Sage- Good, then you guys are in for a show. And remember I asked you guys beforehand if there was anyone from Konoha hiding around here.

I raised my left leg infused it with Ki and stomped on the ground. My stomp created a seismic wave that stopped just before the guards station then sunk in with great force. When the dust cleared all the guards could see was blood seeping through 2 spots on the ground. Izumo and Hagane were stupefied as they realized why I asked them if there was anyone hiding out here. They then pulled out kunai and prepared themselves for battle.

Sage: One of you guys go get the Hokage, and the other stay here. I want proof and a witness that I asked first before attacking.

After telling Izumo and Hagane what to do, I turned around and yelled.

Sage: As for the ones hiding amongst the trees, bushes and the dumbass hiding in that water puddle

on the ground even though it hasn't rained for the past 2 weeks now!, your friends are dead! If you have guts to ambush me near the Konoha guard station then finish what you started. Come at me!

3 Shinobi came out of the trees and bushes. The last one came out of the puddle. From their forehead protectors, they were from Kirigakure. I thought to myself, would I have a shot at Mei Terumi, the Mizukage? I quickly perished the thought for she would force me into marriage. As lovely as she may be I would still go after Ino. I looked at the Kirigakure ninja and said…

Sage: Well? Are you going to end your lives here or will you escape like the one that ran away the moment I stomped your 2 compatriots?

The Hokage arrived before the Kirigakure ninja could decide what to do. With Minato's presence, they knew they had no chance of escaping. 2 attacked while they let the remaining 2 escape. I flashed to the escaping 2 ninja and grabbed them by the neck. I gripped their necks tight enough to incapacitate them. I flashed back to where Minato and the rest were.

Minato: It seems that the other villages want you dead more than I thought.

Sage: Like I said they can come at me all they want, but they couldn't involve Konoha. This is not just a violation of what I said but also of what you told the rest. How are you going to handle this Hokage-sama? (To keep up appearances, I call Minato that in front other people) Or do you want me to decimate the Kirigakure?

Minato: For now let's interrogate these shinobi first.

I nodded and left them to Izumo and Hagane. I teleported home and refreshed myself. I lived by myself since I didn't want to involve my parents if there ever was a home invasion but I do occasionally go to their home to eat. You miss your mother's cooking more than anything when they are far away or, god forbid, when they are gone. I told my folks a recollection of my missions, except for the naughty parts, and the small declaration of war the other villages have against me. I warned my parents of the possible dangers with a heavy heart as I lament the fact that I can't always be here if something were to occur. My father explained how their days pass and how the Sandaime actually visits every now and then to play shogi with him. My mother tells me I will be a big brother soon. I was surprised and congratulated them both, finished eating and headed home.

A week passed and it was time for Naruto's graduation. I arrived the moment Naruto was coming out. He waved his shiny new forehead protector at me. I met up with Kushina, Minato and Naruto and invited them to eat. After the expensive meal, because of me, Kushina and Minato head home. I was walking toward the 3rd training ground with Naruto. We passed by Ino, Choji and Shikamaru, before they left, I spoke to Ino asking her out on a date. Luckily for me he fan-girl phase was not as deep as Sakuras', so she agreed. I turned to Naruto.

Sage: So, were you able to ask Hinata out?

Naruto: I tried, Nii-san. I really did. But every time I got near her she would turn red, faint or run away. I don't know what to do.

Sage: Hahahaha. Ok ok, I get it. I will talk to her for you. That way none of that will happen until the end.

Naruto: Until the end???

Sage: Yeah, after I ask her on the double date for you, knowing you are her date she will give me one of the reactions you described when you tried asking her.

Naruto: Ohhhhh. Why does she do that every time I ask her though?

Sage: Naruto I know you can be hard headed but how dense do you have to be to not realize she likes you?

Naruto: (Naruto made a look as if he could finally see after years of being blind) Wow, what a dumbass I've been. Anyway, Nii-san when are we going on the date? I want to go before meeting with Kakashi-sensei and my new team go on our first mission.

Sage: That's fine with me. So, who is on your team?

Naruto: Ugh, don't remind me. It's that pretty boy Uchiha Sasuke and the bubble headed follower, Haruno Sakura.

Sage: Hahahaha, your luck sucks. Your ex-crush and the guy she likes. Hahahaha.

Naruto: Well at least he's reliable, because Haruno is weak as shit.

Sage: Since you are going to cover for your lack of strength, doesn't that mean you will need more training? How about we double your weight? Has your father taught any new moves?

Naruto: Double doesn't sound bad. Dad taught me the Rasengan. I wanted to know the Thunder God technique more but he said I needed to comprehend space first.

Sage: Makes sense. I will help you comprehend with what I know so you can be ready when he does teach you. How has your training with the Kurama been? Can you produce any tails?

Naruto: Its' been a little slow but I can go up to 2 tails. Kurama has also taught me how to sense other peoples' intentions.

Sage: That's good keep up the good cooperation. How has your parents been lately? I get the feeling that your dad has it in for me.

Naruto: What!? There is no way my mom or dad hate you Nii-san. Just the other day dad told me you stopped invading ninjas close to the village. He said that you have gotten so strong that other hidden villages want to kill you. He told me to train to be super strong like you.

I was relieved by what Naruto said, so much so I almost teared up. Out of all the adults, other than my parents, I really thought of Minato as my older brother. I always got carried away when it came to fighting so I have been rude to him lately. We renewed resolve I will make a better effort to solidify my relationship with Minato and Kushina, who I have been neglecting lately.

Naruto: By the way Nii-san, Mom said I was gonna be a big brother soon.

Sage: What!? You too??? Good for you, good for them.

The day ended with our usual training and some comprehension. Now that Naruto knows the Rasengan I will help him with the Wind Release: Rasen Shuriken.

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