1 Introduction

Lilian- Female lead, only daughter of the Owen family.

Holt- Male lead, eldest adpoted son of the Owen family.

Mack- 2nd male lead, bestfriend of Holt, 2nd son of the Flich family.

Almost everyone aims to be on top, one of the richest and powerful but not in the case of Lilian, a simple minded, naive and innocent girl that aims only to be happy, have a loving family and sincere friends. But is it possible if she belongs to one of the wealthiest family, the Owen's. Can she survive and remain pure if she fall into the hands of her Big Brother Holt and the man she thought can give her freedom, Mack.

Holt, trained to be the successor of the Owen family Surrounded by darkness and pain, the payment to be an heir. Abusive, cold, ruthless name it all but only one word can be best describe Holt- the devil.

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Mack, 2nd son of Flich Family, favored and loved by his family, gentle and kind can be best describe as a gentle prince but if you only knew you'll changed the word of first impression into-the masked devil.

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