4 Chapter 3- Truth behind the Accident

Holt Owen, 16 years old is standing outside in balcony of his room, conversations from the recording pen can be heard that made his blood boil, beside him a gentle looking guy Mack 17 years old was also listening with fisted hands.

"How's that boy?"asked the old man sitting in front of Robert.

"Just like a tamed lion, very good" robert said.

"You! You will regret it Robert, should've killed that boy together with his dead twin."old man said angrily.

"Ha! Hahah, no i won't, it gives me pleasure looking James child suffering in my hands, i will make him suffer more and make him a slave of the Owen Family"said robert crazily with red eyes.

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"Robert, revenge bore another grudge I taught you you should kill upto it's roots, and adopting that child and giving him rights can result to consequences we will never dreamed of."the old man said.

"No Father! I've decided. My little Lilian need to have someone to work for her, dont worry I've already brainwashed that child thinking I was his saviour, i'll make him swore to be my child's slave" robert said decisively.

But little did Robert know, that this decision will pit his Little Lilian into hell.

After years of plotting Holt Owen and Mack Flich successfully killed the Owen family head, and now ready to make his beloved daughter suffer in their hands.

Inside a private room, in the red lights 4 girls can be seen seductively dancing trying to entice the two guys in front of them, but those two in their own world was plotting something.

"Holt, how old is she this year?


"Hm, delicate, hehe we have a deal brother"

"Yes, Mack"

"I've prepared everything, I will go with you in the Suburbs." Mack said "Hm", Holt replied.

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