3 Chapter 02- Little Lilian

The Owen mansion located in the suburban area of Country Z. The Owen's consist of Robert Owen, Lily Owen died after the birth of their only child, Lilian. With the tragic event 5 days ago, the leader of the family Robert Owen met an accident that ends his life, only having his little daughter living known as an heiress.

In the open windows, a little girl aged 13 years old is waiting for her Papa.

Anticipation,happiness and pure innocence can be seen on her big round eyes, with pouting red lips looking at the antique clock hanging on the wall she asked cutely, "nana, did you tell uncle butler to call papa and asked for his arrival?",

"Yes, little miss do not worry" the kind old looking maid answered hesitantly.

"I'm so excited nana, i'll help you cook muffins for papa, let's go."

A while later, sounds of arriving cars can be heard entering thr premises of the mansion. A youth descending from the car can be seen holding a vase with ashes within.

Little lilian upon hearing the sound ran in front of the door to see her papa but what welcomed her is a youth with cold grey eyes unlike her papa's eyes with warmth when looking at her.

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Seeing those eyes lilian stopped, giving her unfathomable scary feelings. One pure innocent eyes and malicious cold eyes stared at each other looking like a little pitiful prey and a ready to devour lion.

Behind the cold youth, a gentle looking youth emerged from behind stepped closer to Lilian causing her to step back but the gentle youth increase his steps crouched down and held the little lilian on her shoulders scrutinizing her beautiful features and slowly let out a devious smile.

That day changed Lilian's life forever, those grey eyes stained little lilians innocence and those gentle action shattered her hope.

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