1 prologue

" finally, im done! "

I say as i put the pen down, this assignment has taken me hours to finish, ' honestly, it was barely an hour, but still felt like a long time '.

I stretch my arms above my head, and Lean back on the chair, hearing a satisfying pop. letting out a sigh, i think to myself ' now that im finished, let's go and grab something to eat '.

Entering the kitchen, i spot the dirty dishes on the sink, and the mess i made after my last visit. ' meh, i will clean it later ' shrugging my shoulders i open the fridge and pick what i need. noticing im running low on groceries i decide to go shopping after this. closing the fridge, i make space on the counter, and start preparing my food.

After filling my stomach, i Wash my hands and go to my room, leaving the kitchen in a messier state. ' i will certainly clean it tommorow ' , reaching my room, i dress myself in a blue shirt with a black jacket over it, and blue jeans. Looking at myself in the mirror, i see my black hair, and blue eyes staring back at me. I wont call myself handsome but im certainly above average, with a height of 180 cm at the age of eighteen, i can say im not bad at all.

As im heading out, i grab my wallet on the way, in it, there's some money and my ID card with the name lucas brown written on it.

Locking the door behind me, i start walking to the store. ' ugh, there's so many people ' i mentally groan at the crowded sidewalk, being socially awkward, i get really uncomfortable in the presence of so many people, and the occasional glances they send me, is not something i like. Speaking of things I don't like i spot a group i really didn't want to meet, ' oh great, its John and his lackeys ' . John is the name of my 'friend' as he likes to call himself, long story short, he is the strong guy with bad marks, and im the nerdy weak guy that have good marks. connect the dots.

Not desiring the outcome of him seeing me, i turn at nearst alleyway. its empty and the sun is still up, so its safe walking through it. As i get close to the exit, i feel a slight resistance, its like running into a strong spider web. My head start hurting, and my body gets hotter, i also feel a knot in my stomach, as i stumbled forward, and start vomiting.

' what's wrong with me?!, Were the ingredients expired?!, But i checked before using them! ', as i finish emptying my insides, i slowly get up on my feet, and step out of the alley. Attempting to continue my trip to the store, i soon realize that i don't recognize this street, and it wasn't my first time passing through that alley, so this is weird.

What's even weirder is that i can see some people with additional body parts, like animal ears and horns, and even tails.

' ugh, this sickness is also making me hallucinate!, What the heck was in that food?! ' getting to a bench nearby, i sit down and take deep breaths, some people glance at me with variant expressions, but i try to ignore them by closing my eyes and facing the sky. After relaxing myself and calming my mind, i open my eyes and what i see makes me freeze. For what greets my sight is a clear blue sky, a bright sun, and...a shattered moon.

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