A Reptilian journey (Indefinite Haitus) Book

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A Reptilian journey (Indefinite Haitus)


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Read on as a young female goes from a wild reptilian with fins to Yggardael’s favorite soul harvester that travels through universes! (Yes, I have many ambitions for this novel. Hope I can get to the 5-9’th arc!). Warning: fast paced and iffy. Planning on making novels like a “Peddling Confectioner” and “Stuffing for Fun” and other things that this web has not seen yet. Also a few will be of non living beings but just sentient items. Novel shall remain free as this is the first novel this author wrote on any website. Please be warned that there may be plot holes since a literal high schooler from Florida can’t write as well as a guy in China that got a writer’s masters degree. ALERT! ALERT! The I can not find anymore motivation to write this novel, so this novel will be going on a hiatus for an unknown amount of time. I thank you three readers who added this to your library, and I apologize to you that I cannot write this anymore. Thanks, sincerely. -Squirrel


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