A random pokemon journey

Alexander was a fairly normal guy on earth or at least he hoped so. Somehow though he had gone his entire life without playing a single pokemon game or watching any of the anime. That changed when his friends kept pestering him about it and he finally gave in and purchased a few of the games that came highly recommended such as emerald , fire red , platinum and heart gold. He also bought a cheap ds lite to play all of them when he was off work. Unfortunately he was struck by lightning the moment he finished the last of them and died. He ended up awakening in a small cave at the foot of a mountain forest and learned he had a system to help him in this new and very dangerous world. AUTHOR Note------- This story will only be taking place in the world before the fairy type came out so only those regions exist in this version of the pokemon world. There will also be casual smut and maybe possibly an actual romantic option but I haven't decided yet , also no harems. I would like to add that everything with the system is RNG based so I have no control over it.

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Birches call

I was well rested after meditating for the entire night and even made some slight improvement in my aura. "Your story checks out Alexander , you can go." a jenny said with clear dissatisfaction but I made no mention of it as I stood up and the aqua grunts all flinched as my joints loudly popped. "My pokemon?" I asked calmly while staring down at the jenny as she undid the cuffs they never took off of me. "At the front with the rest of your things." she said and moved out of my way as I started walking forward.-

Just because I was feeling extra petty after this over the top retaliation I channeled my aura to the soles of my feet and cracked the tile floors with every step. I arrived at the front desk and stared down at the person manning the desk. "My things?" I asked calmly. They acted like they hadn't heard me so I started to rearrange the things on the desk until they stopped me. "My things?" I asked again calmly while staring down at them. Knowing that they couldn't ignore me any longer the jenny handed over my bag and all my pokeballs.-

I couldn't help but feel slightly amused when the jenny struggled to hand over my spear that was still attached to the back holster I keep it in. I took it with a single hand and placed it on my back with little effort before starting to look through my bag as if I was counting my items. "Do you think we would steal from you?" the jenny asked with a clearly offended look. I didn't answer but place my bag back over my back on top of the spear holster. Wordlessly I walked out of the building cracking every tile I stepped on on the way out.-

I finally released my emotional suppression ability that I had been holding since I noticed the start of this trouble and everyone within a twenty meter range recoiled in fright as all that suppressed rage came pouring out at once in the form of near physical bloodlust. I took a moment to breath deeply and control myself before walking down the street of the town and entering the pokemart. I needed to stock up on a bit more food before I left the town and did so politely since I had learned my lesson.-

Even if rather uncomfortable it was not worth the hassle that came with dropping pretenses the first chance I got. After dropping a thousand poke on food I made my way out the opposite side of the town and released my pokemon immediately. Gaia wasted no time at all leaving thick furrows in the road while Vulcan melted it from pure fire type energy. Tank took his place on my shoulder and Rune merely glared and snorted at the nearby jenny. My pokemon are great am I right?-

With that inconvenience done with we continued our journey towards Rustboro for our first gym challenge and badge. About ten minutes after we left the town though my pokenav started to loudly make noise. I took it out of my bag and opened it which apparently was enough to answer the match call. "Alex? You there?" Birches voice came through he small speaker at the top of the device. "Yeah what's up?" I asked casually while holding the device next to my face. "Be straight with me here , did you attack a jenny and joy before proceeding to make said joy cry a few days ago?" he asked seriously.-

"Is that the story they are telling now? Doesn't matter I guess but no I did not do any of that. What really happened was that the joy thought we were friends or something and chased me after I left the town since I hadn't said goodbye. Vulcan thought it might be an attack and fired a warning shot to get the charging Dodrio to stop. After that I calmly explained the truth of the situation and the joy left crying over something that never existed." I explained honestly. Birch was silent for a moment as my words sank in.-

"So this whole thing was started because of a misunderstanding?" he asked tiredly. "Funny how often that is the case isn't it?" I asked with a chuckle. "You're lucky I have some sway with the regions matriarchs in those two clans and can get this matter settled without things escalating." Birch said tiredly. "Speaking of what's up with this list of pokemon I just got after the Jenny clan hazed you like night?" he added curiously. "You must be referring to Tank and Rune I assume? I found them in the unexplored land between the towns. Pretty cool right?" I asked with a grin.-

"Be honest right now are you some sort of chosen one or something because your luck is bordering on terrifying!" Birch said with no small amount of envy. 'Oh you have no fucking clue.' I thought with a snicker. "Don't know about that chosen one thing but I sure as hell am not going to question my own luck so long as it helps me." I say with a laugh. "Well in any case try and keep yourself out of any more of these "misunderstandings" will you? I'm putting my neck out here and I rather like my current reputation thank you very much." Birch said half jokingly half seriously.-

"Not to worry I plan to play nice from now on though you can sort of expect me to never use a pokecenter for anything beyond jobs from now on." I said honestly. "Can't say as I can blame you to be honest , I'm told the hazing that the jenny clan gives troublemakers is a taste of what actual criminals are subjected to." He says and I can hear him shudder through he speaker. "It was just as uncomfortable for them as it was for me I can tell you that now , you should have seen their faces the whole time." I said while laughing.-

He sighed "I'm sure I will hear all about it when I talk to the matriarchs. Call me after you reach Rustboro , Birch out." he said before hanging up. "Well I'd say that went well , what do you guys think?" I asked my pokemon and got the equivalent of a shrug. "Welp who wants to go terrorize the locals?" I asked and all my pokemon cheered together. 'I think I might be a bad influence.' I thought with a chuckle before leading my strange group into the dense forest.-

The day went great after that as Rune gained five levels thanks to the experience he got from battling wild pokemon. None of them were exotic or anything like that and the strongest we saw was a mere level thirty Linoone. Still Rune got a three more moves out of it in the form of smokescreen , tail whip and thunderwave. Contrary to what you may think smoke screen was actually a normal type move which was frankly weird but I didn't question it.