1 what i am looking for

I look out the window of the bus I had only been in the human world for a short time I was looking for my family which I have 5 sisters that have disappeared. I look at the ginormous skyscrapers. "why do humans need to make thing so big there is no need in my opinion, but what do I know?" as i sit on the bus time seems to go slower then I want it to. But the bus finally come to my stop. I walk off the bus looking for a sigh that my sisters came this way. I saw somthing on the ground it was a piece my little sister dress. Want what is that I trun around and see somthing I black out. I wake with a start the hands are bound and so are my feet. But can't see a thing, I hear foot steps caming closer. " who is there?" what do I do I try to move in my resterns but no luck. The foot steps are even closer now.

I feel somone is over yop of me now. "Hello there, My young stone keeper boy how nice to see you again?" The vice was of a man, my heart pounded in my chest as I heard that vice. what am I to do?

TO BE continued

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