A Psycho's PossessionA Psycho's Possession

A Psycho's Possession

by bibliophile06

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18+ only for mature audience Contains dark, mature and triggering themes . This book isnt for insensitive and delicate darlings out there . You are been warned ⚠️⚠️ " bitch tell me one reason why I shouldn't kill you now , what were the fucking rules? " said azrail pointing his gun at me while undoing the safety of his gun " azrail boss ordered me to fuck him " I said crying on the floor , surrounded in the pool of my own blood not knowing whether I will die today or end up in hospital again , God knows for how long this time " you whore I own you , I bought you from the cartel and you go fuck other men around " he said hitting my face with the back of his gun and shooting me on my left shoulder making me cry out loud . I looked around to see the lifeless body of the beautiful man I had fucked not even an hour ago with all his organs separated from his body; liver, heart and diaphragm were removed out of his body , his dick though attached to his body had a dagger half way embedded through it , the maid that he had assigned for me was cut into two halves bilaterally and the boss had one bullet between his head " azrail I swear boss told me to fuck that man , I am a whore here to satisfy men like you , I did the same thing I used do months back , If i had refused him , he would have killed me" " you would be killed now anyways , any last wish?" " azrail , I am.... I am..." and before I could finish my sentence the gun went off ..

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