A Pleasure Escapade (TAGLISH) Book

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A Pleasure Escapade (TAGLISH)


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Shai was a jolly person and friendly yet something happened that made her crawl underneath and changed her perspective of people. Moreover, her Mom being overprotective also won't let her do things adventurous anymore because of her recklessness when she was a child. Since then, she never experienced fun, afraid of the consequences. Kody, on the other hand, has experienced many types of activities and manage them through his entire lifetime. He became the Vice President of a student council, currently handling a club, attending seminars about leadership and also a part of an event/s organizer team. As neighbors, they don't want to collide each other, again, until they step into each other's lives again that they couldn't avoid it anymore. Will Shai overcome timidity and finally appreciate the gifts she have? And instead of hiding, will she let herself out, again? Will Kody be the one who introduce her to a lively and colorful life? If that's the case then, will Shai ever consider Kody, who changed her life, as her biggest regret she had ever done; or her biggest achievement?


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