1 Sir, Do You Have a Girlfriend?

The woman's soft waist was grabbed by a pair of powerful hands. She felt like being pressed down.

She could feel the strength. Before she could make sounds, her lips were covered.

However, the pleasure of pain she expected didn't come, instead, she felt her head span dizzily. Her upper body was pressed against the soft pillow by that force. For no reason, she was simmering with pain, her breast swelling with pervading gloom.

She was still unable to make a sound.

But this time, however, she felt her mouth was covered by a warm and dry palm.

Then, she felt her body sank.

Mumbling, she suddenly opened her eyes.

What she saw was countless heads in the cabin, which depressed her a little.

A stewardess was saying gently, "We'll soon be landing. The temperature outside is..."

Patting her face to refresh herself, she gradually realized what she had dreamed of, her face red.

What kind of position was she dreaming of just now?

"Mommy, are you dreaming?"

A soft child's voice came into her ears.

Dragging herself into reality, Everly Farley turned around and saw her 5-year-old son Edmond Farley sat at the side, blinking his big eyes at her. "I heard you talking in your dream."

Everly was shocked, "What did I say?"

"I didn't hear it clearly." The boy muttered and said nothing more.

She curled up her lips into a relieved smile.

Over the years, she would occasionally dream of that night five years ago, but she had never managed to see that face clearly.

He must be a nice man.

At least he was good-looking.

Otherwise, how could their son look so cute?

As the plane landed, they got a clearer image of the city. The little fellow turned around from the window, excited. "Mommy, is my daddy here?"

Everly was lost for words. She then smiled, "Well, I can find you one."

The little young man pouted and stopped talking. Obviously, he wasn't happy with this answer.

Seeing her son turning away, Everly sighed. She was guilty, no doubt. Although he never said anything, he should have been longing for a father.

"When I get my work done, let's have some fun, okay?" She leaned over and said, trying to please him, "You wanted to come here, didn't you?"

Hearing that, acting cool, Edmond snorted and said, "We'll talk about it later."

Everly was speechless.

What a little young man.

Everly had no idea how Edmond had grown into this, for they had different personalities.

The dream reminded her. A thought popped into Everly's mind. Was Edmond like that man, his father?


After getting off the plane, Everly went to get her luggage. She pointed to a stool not far away and said, "Edmond, go sit there and wait for me. Sit right here, okay?"

Edmond nodded and headed for the stool with his little hands in his pockets.

Suddenly, Edmond's eyes were lit up by a tall and strong man in a neat black suit. It must feel safe and protected to be with him.

It was never a good idea to let Everly find him a father, thought Edmond. He had to find one himself.

Look at that man. He would do it.

Edmond jumped off the stool and followed after him.


"Mr. Maverick."

Jayden followed behind with the luggage and handed Mr. Maverick the document he had just received. "Here is the document you want."

Maverick Lamont just got back from Italy, and he didn't use the VIP exit.

Although he tried to keep a low profile with only one assistant and no bodyguards, he still managed to turn quite a few heads.

Jayden whispered, "The car is waiting at the door. Mr. Will has been looking for you for several days. He doesn't know that you have returned yet."

Maverick only said "I see". When he walked to a corner, he felt someone pulling his trousers.

He was stunned.

Jayden didn't expect it, either.

Then, a clear voice of a kid came into his ears, "Excuse me, sir."

Maverick frowned when he saw the person who was tugging at his trousers.

A little kid was pulling his clothes. Just as he was about to say something, he heard the little boy grin, "Do you have a girlfriend?"

His question caught Maverick blank for a few seconds.

Facing a question from a child who he had never met, he could not keep calm.

Jayden glanced at Maverick. His face was cold, but he didn't seem angry.

But the boy... Maverick found him somewhat familiar.

"If you don't, I can introduce one to you."

Edmond still had his hands in his pockets, trying to act cool, pride flowing out from his little face, "My mommy, she's a very beautiful and good woman."

Jayden was shocked. Were all the kids so mature now?

Finding his mother a date?

Something moved in his eyes. He squatted down and patted Edmond's head, saying, "Alright, if we meet again, we'll see if it can work."

Now Jayden was slack-jawed.

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