A Pigeon Pair:Sweetheart,Let's Get Married Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

A Pigeon Pair:Sweetheart,Let's Get Married

Ge Yue

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20-year-old Everly Farley broke up with her boyfriend and had a one-night stand with a stranger. She soon discovered that she was pregnant. When her son was 5 years old, Everly went back to City C for work. In order to attract investment, Everly had to talk to that man every now and then. Then the man's gaze turned to somewhat predatory as if she was a prey of his longing. When Everly was taken to bed, she trembled, "I have a five-year-old, Mr. Maverick. I'm not the right person. You should find someone younger." The handsome man hovered over her and whispered in her ear, "What a coincidence. I have one, too. We just make a perfect couple." Until one day... When his child called her mommy. Everly was thunderstruck. How could it be?