5 Mocha and a Meeting

My Pov

I didn't know whether to scream as loud as I could or hit him with my coat. But before I could think a person put their hand over my mouth and turned me around, putting a finger to their lips making the shh sign. They dragged me over to a bench and I hit their hand off my mouth saying "W-what d-do y-you w-want"? The person turned around with a mask on and said in a raspy voice "I just want to help you". I could tell he was telling the truth because I could feel his emotions. But I still mumbled "Helpmewithwhatyoudemon"? The person turned around taking off his mask and under it was a young boy about my age. I looked at him searching his face for some reason that it would be like some kind of joke but when I reached his eyes I recognized they were the same as the boy at school who ran into me. I could feel my thoughts darken as I remembered that he was the reason that he was the one who got me hurt. His voice cut through my thoughts saying "I know you're mad at me, but I need you to be calm and not tell anyone not even your parents about me okay". I stayed silent forgetting that I needed to answer him. I nodded, still stunned at what I needed to do, then I just walked away like nothing happened. Going to get my Yummy Starbucks Strawberry Cream Frap. that I've been getting since I was 5 in first grade when my sister ordered it for me. I then noticed that it was my turn to order and stepped forward telling the cashier "May I have a Strawberry Cream Frap."? The cashier then said " What's your name and will that be all"? I thought to myself for a second before answering with a nod and a " My name is Maya and yes, thank you how much will that be"? She looked at the computer screen and said "That will be $6.50 with tax". I opened my wallet and handed her my gift card. She swiped the card and the computer made a small beep before giving it back with a receipt and exclaiming "Here is your card back you have $9.23 left, now you may go and stand over there and wait for your food or go stand by a table and wait it will be done soon". I went to stand by the tables and waited patiently for my drink to be done. Soon after it was told to wait I heard my name be called and went up to get it, I thanked them as I got my drink and headed out the door. That's when someone opened the door for me I looked up to see him again saying "I thought you left". He then replied by saying "No I was waiting for my drink, did you think I just came here to stalk you"? Blushing because I did I shook my head yes and then swiftly went out the door without saying anything. I got to the car and jumped in and said "Drive, drive like you've never driven '' and so he did but not without looking at me and asking "Why, did something happen"? I shook my head no and said "I just want to get home fast and call Mae so she doesn't worry". My dad started to drive and we soon reached our neighborhood. As my dad pulled into the garage we heard our new dog bark she was a small dog like 20 pounds and only 3 months old. She was named Bella for short and was a Mini Bernese Mountain dog. We soon walked into the house and Bella greeted us by jumping on us and barking. She then wagged her tail and chased it around. Happy to see we were home. I put my backpack down and immediately got down on my hands and knees to let her smell me. My parents then put their stuff down and my dad went to clean up his office. Sarah went to cook dinner. After I took Bella out to go to the bathroom and then went back inside to text my friend

(Maya's text underlined, Mae's Bolded)

Hi Mae, I'm doing good. I hope you are too.

Oh hi Maya thank goodness I was so worried about you thought you were going to die

Wow such a nice impression like guess what the same guy came up to me in Starbucks the one that bumped into me in the hallway

Wait what happened tell me you told him not to be a stalker and to stay away from me and you.

I asked him what he wanted and he said he wanted to help me.

Please tell me you told him to go step in dog poop and never comeback

Help me with what you demon and he responded with I know you're mad but I need you to be calm and not tell anyone about me, even your parents. But good thing he never said U couldn't tell you.

Wow he's got some nerve asking you to not tell anyone.

Like I know that's what I thought but I just wanted him to leave me alone so I just nodded and walked away.

Oh well wow want to come over tomorrow and study homework together?

Oh sure why not we'll I gtg bc my mom is almost done making supper and I need to go outside a little before supper.

Okay talk soon?

Sure ofc I'll talk to you later tonight



We stopped texting and I went downstairs to check if supper was ready. I could still smell it cooking so I figured it wasn't done yet. So I went outside and took Bella out with me too. Grabbing a Frisbee, from a basket by the door to outside.

We go outside and I check to make sure the pool is covered with our pool cover so our new little pup does not fall in. I hear my mother calling "It's dinner time". I race in and go straight to the kitchen to see my father come in from his office too. I see my mother taking out the Pork Chops from the oven and putting seasoning on it. I could feel that she was happy again which was good, thanks to how worriedI made her. She then moves the stuff to the table and asks me to set the table. So I go to the kitchen and take the spoons, forks, and cups out of the drawers and reach up and take the plates out of the cupboards. I carry them to the table and lay them out on the table.Then we all sat down and started eating. I could taste the Pork Chops and they tasted so yummy reminding me that I forgot to eat lunch. As I was reaching for my cup ready to take a sip of delicious milk. I realized I forgot to grab the milk, from the fridge. So I go to the fridge and get out the milk jug, carefully pouring milk in my cup and then asking my parents if they want any? They replied by saying "No thank you we already have water". So I go back and put the milk away. Then I go back to eating silently. I Finnish eating and notice that I forgot to feed Ella. I run and grab food from the garage making sure to only do 1 1/2 cups of food. Then I hurry back in with the food dish, In my hand and return to the kitchen. I place it down and Ella immediately leans down and starts eating. After she's done I ask my parents if I can have dessert and they say "Sure okay but not to many, what would you like"? I start to think of what I could possibly want, but then I settle on Chocolate ice-cream with a lot of toppings. I then tell them what I want and they say OK and make it for me. After they hand it to me and say don't spill. I ask "Can I go upstairs and eat it"? They reply "Yes but don't drop ice cream on any of your stuff ". I nod and say "Yes" then hurry upstairs and eat my ice-cream quickly so it does not melt, into the cup because I hate meted ice-cream. After I'm done I go wash the bowl and put it in the dishwasher so it can do the rest. After I go to my bedroom. Here is a pic of what the bedroom looks like imagine there combined.Then I go and brush my teeth really well. Then I go and take a nice steamy shower. As soon as I finished I put my black hair up and dry my body. Then I put my favorite pj's on and read a book called "The Land of Stories" by Chris Colfer. When I'm done reading, I take off my glasses and put my book aside, on my night stand. I turn off all my lights including my reading light wh I ch is right by my bedside table. I then fall asleep and start to dream.

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