6 A trip that changed everything

Mae's Pov 

I woke up to the sun shining through my window, that I forgot to close from last night. I stretched my arms out to the ceiling and yawned. Then I heard my mom and dad running upstairs to wake me up for school. I wondered how Maya was doing after yesterday. I was worried if she would attend school after Yesterday. I hurried to get dressed and ran downstairs smelling the fresh pancakes my mom must have made. After I checked the weather on my phone while eating them quickly I ran to brush my teeth, worrying that I might miss the bus. I finished brushing my teeth and did my face. Then I continued to stuff my lunch box into my backpack along with my binders, notebooks, and Pencil pouch. I zipped it up grabbing my computer bag and my coat racing then racing out the garage door just to see my bus parked at my stop. I ran into the bus and went to the back putting my backpack in and my Computer bag. I got on my phone and started G-Chating my other friend Evelen. She Picked up right away saying 


Hii Evelen want to talk?

Oh hi um sorry no but I can text

Oh oki so how r u doing 

I'm doing great and u? Also I heard Maya got hurt, is she oki?

Oh i'm good Maya is good she tripped over her notebook yesterday and got hurt she probs oki now tho

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Good I was worried she got hurt bad soooo want to come over tmo it the weekend?

sorry nty im planning on going to maya's house tmo if her parents oki with that?

oh oki :) wellll I gtg bye :)  

hmm ok cya at school maybeee bye

Then the texting ended and she stopped talking to me. After I decided to open this cool reading app called "Wattpad" and read about this new book about "Aladdin". I finished just as we pulled up to the school, turning off my phone I started walking to the front and getting off. Then someone tripped me and the world came crashing down upon me. Darkness clouded all over my thoughts and I felt as if I was floating on a cloud. Then Just as quickly as the darkness came light flooded and my senses returned. I found myself laying in the Healing Center on a bed. Maya holding my hand and shaking a cresse over her forehead, she then looked up and cried out for joy. I was alive but maybe not the same as before I found myself trying to remember what had happened and who was in front of me holding on to my hand. After I remembered it was Maya I saw she w-was holding a bottle giving m- but I didn't finnish that thought before something sweet was pressed against my lips and I went into a sleep as deeper then  I had ever known was possible.

Sorry that was short. I wrote it during my free time in class. So you know another chapter will be about Maya's Pov and will be out asap. Sorry I haven't posted for a few weeks. My plate has been full but now I have more time to post so I will be updating in a few days. Also I hope you liked the chapter. The next one will be coming soon. Please know that I may edit the chapters more so one day you may see one thing the next day it may be different. Also tell me if you have any recommendations in the comments. Thank you and have a great day.

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