3 A Mysterious Photo

Mae's Pov

It was about 12:00pm and I was walking down the hall to my next class because it was passing time. When I saw a photo on the floor. The photo was blurry and I couldn't see what or who was on it. But when I flipped it over 2 letters were visible a letter that seemed to be at the top and look like an E and a letter that was at the end that looked like a H. That's when I saw my friend Maya bump into me and join me in the hall, we both had the same class next Art Class. I knew by the way she was walking that she absolutely hated art. Then she noticed the photo I held gently on to like it was poisonous and she studied it looking for a sign of who it may have belonged to. She opened her mouth to say something but then someone raced right into her and they both ended up on the floor. Maya silently started to pick stuff up and I saw the boy start to pick his stuff up and start to race off after. My friend looked like she was about to chase him when she accidentally tripped over either her shoelace or her notebook. Soon after she fell she went stiff and would not move. I waved my hand in front of her face but she was silent and unmoving, still. I started to look around the hall for any witness but the hall seemed to have cleared and was empty. I remained silent trying to calm my coming nervousness and not scream. I quickly but carefully picked up all the supplies she still left on the floor putting it in her backpack and then swinging it over my back where my backpack still rested. Then after that I picked up my limp friend Maya up off the floor and carried her trying not to drop her and hurt her more, to the place where we have been calling the "Healing Center" from a book we read in 1st grade called "Keeper of the lost cities" it was by Shannon Messenger. As I turned the corner I noticed that we were at the healing center, I gently knocked on the door, careful, not to drop Maya.hen someone shouted "Come in" and "Who is it"? Their voice soon turned into a muffled scream when he saw me holding Maya looking all scared and nervous. Liam the Doctor ushered us in and helped me lay Maya on the bed he then continued to grab some medication for her. Before asking me to call her parents, as I was doing that I checked the time on my phone noticing it was 1:00 right now and art was just ending. I clicked the Call button on my phone and quickly typed the name of my friend's mom's name into the Contacts. I typed Sarah and clicked on her as she came up. The phone began to ring and I heard her voice come through calm and happy. I was sad that I would be the one having to tell her that her daughter was hurt and may even be dying. I tried not to go down that path. When a voice cut through my thoughts like a knife bringing me out and a bucket of ice cold water spilling on me. I stuttered at first but then I took a deep breath and began to say "Maya tripped over and and '' then the tears began to come down first slowly but then rolled faster and faster. Liam came over and handed me a tissue, I blew my nose and then started up again. "Fell now she is in the Nurse's office" and before I could Finnish my sentence I could hear her race away from the phone and call her husband in. I heard them grab the phone and race out the door slamming and locking it then I heard them get in there White Mercedes. I heard them open the garage door and start the engine to their new car. I could almost smell the fresh paint.Then they hung up on me and I was back alone watching my maybe even dying friend lay there motionless. Every few minutes I would check my phone and count the seconds until her parents got here and she may wake up. 1 second turned to 10 and 10 turned to 1 minute and so on and so forth. Then finally when I reached 12 and a half minutes they arrived all worried. Liam told me I should leave and stand outside so Mrs. Sarah and Mr. Leo could come in and check on my friend. So I did, I saw them walk right past me and ask why I was not in there by Maya I simply said that Mr.Liam said I should step out so you guys could come in. But then they told me I should come back in so they could ask me a few questions about how this happened. Though I wanted to run away saying that I didn't want to be involved. I was already far more involved then I knew, I was. After all of us were in the room they began to ask me what happened I started explaining "So me and Maya were walking to class and then a boy ran into her, don't ask who the boy was I don't know? They both fell on the ground and began to pick up their stuff soon after that the boy raced away and she tried to follow, I don't know why but she did? Then she tripped over her shoelaces or book and fell down. After that I picked her stuff up and brought her and her backpack here so Liam could examine and help her". Her parents stood there for a while looking at me as if searching through me to see if I was telling the truth. I on the other hand was busy inhaling and exhaling because I ran out of breath. After I started counting, I counted 137 seconds before they finally nodded silently and went over to the still quiet Maya. Liam shed some light on her to examine if she would wake up and to check so he could see if she got any scrapes or bruises from falling. Surprisingly she didn't. Soon after while he was still making sure she began to twitch and soon she opened her eyes, I jumped for joy as she woke up. Happy to see her still alive and having not gotten any injuries on the outside and hopefully none on the inside. She scrunched her face and began to talk first a little raspy but then clearer. "Calm down and stop". I was the first to respond with "Stop what, I don't understand?". She then went quiet. I couldn't tell what happened but I could see that she was still breathing so I calmed down. For the rest of the time she remained quite only taking a bit of notice when she accidentally landed in her father's arms when trying to look up at the clock, I think, and got up looking embarrassed. Then Principal cleared her throat which I didn't notice she came in but she seemed to have seen Maya wake up.  After that things went by in a rush and soon Liam gave Maya the all clear and they started to head home. I told her to "Text me when you can and feel better". I only noticed her nodding and then they left. After that I returned back to my last class Math my least favorite and Maya's favorite. Though everything was over I just couldn't focus. So I ended up with a lot of homework to take home. Soon class was over and it was time to go home. I packed my stuff, unlocked my locker and grabbed my Black jacket from its hook, then closed my locker. I ran to my bus almost missing it and jumped on it. When I got home both my parents were there and they asked how my day went I told them "Maya got hurt because she tripped on something and had to go home, but the rest of my day went good". They nodded and then went back to doing their work. My mom made Dinner and my dad filled out paperwork. I meanwhile went upstairs and changed into my favorite Robe. It was Pink. The only pink thing I had in my closet at the moment, from my beastie Maya who gave it to me on my 10th birthday, was x-large so I could grow into it and now it finally fit me perfectly. Though I would never admit it, I love it so much and wear it everyday.

After that I ran to the bathroom and took a nice warm shower. Then I wrapped a towel around my still dripping hair and dried it. Then I did my body and after that I threw on my robe again and heard my parents calling me saying "Dinner is ready". I race downstairs in time to smell a homemade pizza baked fresh from the oven. I sit down and eat my share of the delicious pepperoni pizza. My parents try to make small talk with me but I just ignore them. After we are all done I go and take 3 oreos from the box, some milk from the fridge and go upstairs again. I sit at my desk and play this cool game that me and my friend play all the time called "Roblox." I log in on to my account and join the game called "Royale High'' and dress myself up like a  Princess. By the time I'm done all the cookies are gone and I sip the last sip of milk. Then I run downstairs and put the dishes in the dishwasher making sure not to turn it on. I run back upstairs and continue playing till 8:00pm. At 8:00pm I go and brush my teeth and get my pj's. I say

goodnight to my parents who go to sleep really early and run back to my room, shut off all my lights and turn my alarm on to wake me up at 5:40am so I can get ready for the school bus that comes at 6:40am because it takes me awhile to get ready don't judge me. I soon end up falling asleep. 

Hope you like the chapter. The next one will be coming soon. Please know that I may edit the chapters more so one day you may see one thing the next day it may be diffrent. Also tell me if you have any recommendations in the comments. Thank you and have a great day.

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