2 A boy with unusual eyes

My Pov

I walked by my best friend Mae, and saw her holding a photo with a name that was so erased on it. That I could only see 2 letters an E at the beginning and an H that seemed to be at the end. I could tell by the way Mae was looking at it that she was curious and had never seen anything like it. Just as I was about to ask her where she found such an unusual photo a boy ran into me and we both dropped our stuff on the ground. As I reached down I saw the boy reach down to collect his stuff too. Then I saw his eyes.... They were the most unusual color of black with gold flecks that made me think of the night sky, when I looked out my bedroom window. I closed my eyes for just a second then he was gone sprinting down the hall and disappearing from view through the people, just as fast as he appeared he disappeared. I started to chase after him but then I tripped on my notebook and fell down into someone's arms. Then my mind went fuzzy and a memory began to surface and focus in. I couldn't tell how much time passed I could only feel myself being carried somewhere. Which I later found out when I woke up was the Nurse's office or as me and Mae and I liked to call it the "Healing Center" from a book we once read in 1st grade. The pain I could feel it slicing through me tearing me apart and searching for pieces of me to rip up and take. Then just like in a snap of my fingers it was gone as fast as the boy who I saw disappear. Then a headache came as I tried to fight through the pain. I noticed the memory begin to focus like a tape or a light switch being switched on. But just as it focused in on it, whipped away. The only thing I caught was a magnificent castle glowing and an amazing beach before I slowly began to wake up to light shining in my eyes and my parents standing over me looking concerned and worried. Everyone was in the room, the Principal, my parents, and my friends all with the same looks on their faces, all Looking at me as if I was a helpless little baby animal. But I soon realized that not only could I see their concerned faces but I could also feel their emotions. I then started to cry from all the emotions. I did not understand that just this morning I was getting dressed in my favorite outfit that was a black hoodie with pockets and black ripped jeans with pockets that went so deep that it would hold my phone and my Airpods in them. Then I heard people call my name and that pulled me back to the present. I was still in the "Healing Center'' surrounded by all my friends and family. Who slowly began to approach me and help me out of the "Healing Center'' bed and right on to my feet. I was able to walk perfectly fine and I could talk, though my throat was a bit scratchy and my legs ached from not being used for a long time. Even though it hurt a little at the start I began to ask and then beg them to "calm down and stop". The person that looked like my friend but it was still a little blurry asked "Stop what, I don't understand?". I went quiet trying to think of words to explain it.. I tried to spin around to check the clock on the right side of the wall, but ended up tripping on my Shoelaces and falling into my fathers arms. I quickly pulled out of his arms in shock and embarrassment. Then after Liam the Dr checked my injuries and gave them all clear, he let us leave. Just as we were leaving I heard my friend shout out and tell me "Call me when you can and feel better". I nodded and continued to hobble out of the room not completely aware of where I was. But I still could read their emotions. We soon arrived at the door and walked out, I saw the sun setting creating a beautiful sunset with all the Orange, Yellows, and reds mixing together. I tried to open my door into the van but had to get help from my mother who just so happened to be following closely behind me. My mother who I called Sarah but her maiden name was Skylyn, opened the door and smiled warmly at me as I jumped in, careful not to get hurt. When I got in my parents took time to close the door and make sure that I and themselves were buckled right into the seat, though I already checked twice but they had to check again. After we all were situated they asked me how I was doing and I replied by saying "It was great now can we get some starbucks, please". They turned around to look at me saying "For real are you okay and then we can go to starbucks''. Grumply I respond by Grunting and nodding my head yes then when they are not looking, rolling my eyes. After that they turned around and got back to driving. They started talking quietly among themselves, though they thought I couldn't hear because I was wearing my Airpods in my ears listening to my favorite song "She's so gone" by Naomi scott, I could. They were discussing whether they would take me to Starbucks or refuse and say I needed to rest. Then finally they agreed to take me to Starbucks as long as I was careful and made sure to look for cars before crossing the street and come immediately back once I got whatever I wanted, with my own money. Soon we were there and just as my parents instructed I looked left and right before crossing the street. I went in and immediately felt everyone's emotions, hit me. But instead of falling I grabbed on to the counter top and holded on like my life depended on it. After I steadied myself I began walking to the front of the line, when I was grabbed by someone

Hope you like the chapter. The next one will be coming soon. Please know that I may edit the chapters more so one day you may see one thing the next day it may be diffrent. Also tell me if you have any recommendations in the comments. Thank you and have a great day.

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