A Perverted Galaxy Far Far Away (Star Wars)
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A Perverted Galaxy Far Far Away (Star Wars)


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What is A Perverted Galaxy Far Far Away (Star Wars)

Read A Perverted Galaxy Far Far Away (Star Wars) fanfiction written by the author TheEternalWanderer on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Movies fanfic stories, covering action, r18, interstellar. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Set in an AU of the Prequels, where the Jedi are a lot more lenient about attachments than anyone realized. A young padawan learner with a penchant for reading minds finds out just how slutty all of the female Jedi around him are... and decides to make use of his knowledge to start a number of veritably kinky relationships. No mind tricks to be found here, they want it, they know they want it... all that's left is to let them know he knows too. [Disclaimer]-This story is fanfiction. The copyright of source materials belongs to their respective owners. Please support the official release! [Warning]-This story is rated M (MA) due to contents such as gores, profanities, violence, smut, and so on. If your age is less than 18-years-old, please consider skipping this story. Be responsible for your choice. You have been warned. Thank you for reading this warning! P.S- posting this for fun and also this affronted fanfic is not mine I'm just posting this here in Webnovel. P.S.S: This is fanfiction, so it will not go premium! [Original Fanfic Author]-https://forum.questionablequesting.com/members/cambrian.1638/ [Original Site]-https://forum.questionablequesting.com/threads/a-perverted-galaxy-far-far-away-star-wars.12040/


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Shameless Author here, I'm just posting this Cambrian's Fanfic for fun and to spread love and fun here in Webnovel if you sue me for excessive R-18 stuff oh by dear God don't blame me, you have been warned already, if you to support the real Author (Cambrian) of this Fanfic go to the original site posted above.


Stolen from CambrianBeckett ya plagiarising bawbag Stolen from CambrianBeckett ya plagiarising bawbag Stolen from CambrianBeckett ya plagiarising bawbag Stolen from CambrianBeckett ya plagiarising bawbag


"Shameless AUTHOR Here guys, Look at me, I wrote this, here I'll say a bunch of random stuff real quick so you get bored of reading and leave to read the fic that I made... Are they gone? Good The author is Cambrian if you want to know, Retard


Mate, if you're going to just cut and paste someone else's story here ASK FOR PERMISSION first. To not do so, even when you state the work is not yours, is... embarrassing. Now, if an author granted you permission, and some authors might, you'd need to give a full explanation that the story isn't yours but that you have their permission to post it here.


maybe Don't steal stories WITHOUT PERMISSION from original author...........,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,,.,.,.,.,,..,,.,,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,,.,.,.,.,.,.,


Mate you stole the Pimperor's work and you didn't ask for permission to upload it and you need to show it is someone else's work. So you have stolen this work.




This story is stolen from Cambrian. You didn't even ask for permission. It's pathetic. You even have this listed as an original work. Everyone report that guy for plagiarism.


Mate you stole the Pimperor's work and you didn't ask for permission to upload it and you need to show it is someone else's work. So you have stolen this work. stealing a review cause it lines up with what i want to say and im lazy


Thursday, 3 June 2021 10:58 AM Really.... your gonna steal someone's work without permission and post it, claiming it's ok because you have credited them. Mate, you need permission from the original author, it also doesn't help your case that that the pictures you've used clearly has your account name where the REAL Author's name should be.


Moreeeeee moreeeeeee moreeeeee moreeeeeee moreeeeee moreeeeeee moreeeeee moreeeeeee moreeeeee moreeeeeee moreeeeee moreeeeeee moreeeeee moreeeeeee moreeeeee thanks for the effort author-san 👌👊🙏


Once again, I have said all I wanted to say in my reply to try comment, trying to excuse yourself of guilt. Once again, this is being made to lower your ratings so people know not to give you any of that attention you so desire. PS: I have a feeling that your probably not gonna delete the fic, but I can only hope your consience wins out after all


You have just copied and pasted another authors work. You didn't have permission to post it from the actual author and it doesn't matter if you quote the actual author its not right.


You shouldn't steal works from authors that put their time and effort into what they're clearly passionate about. That's just not right. "Giving credit" doesn't matter when the person who actually made this story doesn't approve of this posting.


Calling yourself the author after admitting to stealing a fic sounds kinda wrong, but you do you.


Plagiarism isn't original in the slightest. If you like what you see here, go look for Cambrian instead. He's already uploaded his stories onto this site, mainly to stop imposters like this guy, so if you enjoy his stories go support him there.


Plagiarizing isn't cool y'know


Shamelessly plagiarized, not a single word of this is original. Worse, you did this without the permission of the original author. You failed on every level.


Blatant Plagerisim Without Authorization Spread the love all you want, just get authorization from the author first. There's even a discord to chat directly with them.


Another one ???!!! BROOO, stop like can't you be a little more creative ? You'll never stop will you ? But if you don't stop, me, An Chin Sky Parker XVVVXVXVXVXVVXV will deem you as a Devil Of The Big Galaxy.


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