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A perfidious Relationship


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This is one of the few books that got me really hooked. The writer is perfect at imagery, I can literally watch the scenes unfolding in front of my eyes. The arranged marriage and rebellious thoughts of FL are really fun.


First of all, OMG, author has a great way with dialogues. You'll hear characters speaking in your mind with emotions. World background is fully crafted, characters seem strong, female lead will eventually undergo rapid development. Talking about Enzo, male lead....I'd say DAMN! ❤ This is worth a read ebook because it's quite a surprising tale, having strong point that it's fast paced with interesting multiple characters who are struggling with their own emotions.


It's amizing author. I read two chap and rushed to review. The author well showed each seen. I have imagin the wedding day by reading it. I appreciate that how beautifully you wrote everything. I'm fall for your skill. It's good read. I recommended to read it. It's nice. story start with a suspence I didn't expect something like this happens. Good job author keep going.❤️❤️❤️


Good..You are such a good autho..Keep up...And don't fall for hater shit..Noones perfect,be yourself and love yourself..I love how the story goes...


What can I say? This is a good novel. I love the synopsis and the start. Its thrilling in its own way. Good dialogues and grammatical structure author. The only prob I have like I stated b4 are just for author to cut down on the texts. It would give a better and fluent read to ur readers. Other than that and little typos that almost all of us have... This book is a keeper n it is quite lovely. I look forward to seeing Valerie and Enzo rise and conquer the underworld and enact their revenge. Good work author, keep it up.