A perfidious Relationship Book

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A perfidious Relationship


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My life has always been like that of a prisoner. My father has always protected me from the outsiders not because he cared for me but because he is a mafia king of Eastern Italy and my virginity is the weapon which he would use to gain more pride. He feared that I might run away or worse would lose my virginity to some random guy, not from our world. He wanted me to be pure, because in our world no one marries a used girl. When a truce was signed between Eastern and Western Italy, I was offered to marry the would alpha of eastern Italy. I considered him different,thought he was unlike the other men in our world and will protect me from the bad. Something that was acceptable by me, was happening in my life for the first time when everything destroyed on my wedding night and now I don't have any emotions left in me and the only thing I want now is to seek revenge.


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