1 How It Started

I've been lying here on this dirty, broken mattress in the middle of the woods for a while now. The matress was situated in somewhat of an empty, mossy, old pool in the middle of an lonely, dark, eerie green forest.

I stumbled upon this hideout on my daily walk to unwind. Today was just like every other agonising day.

Let me catch up on me and my life so far. It all started 4 human years ago...


"Run!" Flynn shouted. He pulled me with him harshly out of the blue and purple flames suffocating all of us. All was fine until I was snatche, blindly right under their noses.

"Gotch ya!" A tall figure with black wings chanted. As he looked down at me, I caught a glimpse of the demonic red tint in his dark eyes.

A Demon.

I kicked and screamed frantically but it was no use. "Too late kid." He gumbled and in a blink of and eye, all the flames were gone.

I was now in a dark, gloomy room, surrounded by arrows. Arrows were planted in every surface of the walls but yet it was still an empty room. I couldn't move anything exept my head from left to right the rest of my body was paralysed. It was only then I noticed something oddly strange.

I was floating in mid air.

When suddenly I dropped to the ground with a loud thud echoing throughout the room. "Stronger that I thought, you are. But still you've been out for few weeks now. I though you were dead. Hhaha" A low, mysterious voice called out sending uninvited shivers down my broken spine. The fact that I was trapped in the one spot scared me to the bone.

A large, dark shadow could be seen in the right corner of the way I was facing. Then, a flame lit up the room, revealing the mystery figure reaching out to me.


I trembled hysterically when I saw the petrifying sight of him.

He was like a red hulk with horns and humongous black wings at his back. His cocky smile was extremely intimating.

"So we'll get to the point shall we? Six angels were sent to earth a few days ago. I'm going to send you down to earth. I want you to find them and tell me everything. Why are they there? Who are they. Everything! Okay." This time he asked acually looking concerned.

I shook my head violently, looking down shamefully.

I. was. not going against my kind.

" Well, you don't have choice, do you now? " His menacing laugh echoed loudly, deafening my ears. I screamed in pain and covered my ears to make the sound stop but it wouldn't. No matter what I did it wouldn't stop.

I shut my eyes and when I opened them the sound faded away into the far and crowded distance. I was now in an ally way surrounded by trash and litter. A group of humans bouned over one of the trash cans effortlessly. They looked at me for a split second as they passed by talking and laughing with each other.

I was on earth.

I knew there and then that there was no way out. I was forced into this and I would have to be forced out to get out.

I had no other choice but to go against everything I ever knew. To go against the path I took all those thousands of years ago. To go against angels and mankind.

To be rebirthed as a demon.....

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