8 Chapter 8: What The Hell Jasmen

New white rays shine through window and curtain just the same, showing the beauty of the many tan hues that weave together to make the fabric I love so much. The browns are as varied as sand dunes at dawn, as pretty as the lightest of wood carried ashore upon windswept waves. Amid the light I see the beams as if they wave with the undulating pleats, yet in truth they are strong and true, giving structure and form. As the moments pass the intensity rises and softens, bold and gentle, telling of the day that passes in the world beyond. Maybe the sight of day had influence on how I slept the night before but last night I had this really vivid dream that I was having sex with someone and not the old fashion family sex but crazy and wild instead. When I look up I see my clothes was thrown on the floor, my dresser destroyed, my TV on the floor and a pair of underwear hanging on the foot board of the bed. I bucked my eyes and slightly moved up just a little to clearly see the whole room.

"No-no-no I'm, we, no-no-no impossible I'm a virgin" I move and almost stand up off the bed but a pain shoots up my butt and through my back. I almost squealed in pain but I cover my mouth to avoid making a sound then I lay back down refusing to acknowledge the head I see popping out of the blanket. I'm not mad that my first time was with someone I actually like, I'm just mad that we were ONLY DATING FOR FUCKING 3 HOURS!

"UGH!" I loudly whisper forgetting he was next to me.

"I don't remember having sex last night, I thought it was a dream, but most importantly I don't remember who I had sex with. Is this Yoongi or Jimin, they look the same height and I can't see the body through the cover" I thought to myself while shuffling through my hair. Suddenly a warm hand makes its way over my waist pulling me close to him. At that moment I knew exactly who it was and I was at ease with it.

"Shh Jordan lets just sit here like this for a minute" His voice was like smooth jazz or violin playing in my ears. I want to get up and make a deal out of this and I know Yoongi knows that I want to but this overwhelming obedience have taken my body hostage and I'm not even mad about it, in fact I invited it in. So we laid there silent, his body holding mine showing who's dominant here.

"Yoongi" I called to him.

"Hmm" he grumbles with a deep morning voice.

"What did we do last night?" I tried to hide my scared curiosity.

"What do you mean, you don't remember?" He murmured in my ear.

" Umm no not really" I lied but not really, I remember sex but I don't remember the details of it.

"Well you had a competition to see who would get drunk first, nobody won but you couldn't stand so I carried you to the room. I was about to leave but you in the bed but you grabbed me and we made out, then you wanted to have sex on the dresser so we did, next you wanted to have sex on the TV stand so we did, you even wanted to be chocked and everything" I'm so embarrassed by what he just said I wanna throw up and run in a corner, but I'm obviously not gonna let him know.

"Oh well I was drunk so let's forget this ever happened."

"Why would I? you belong to me so why can't I love you"

"Because my ass hurts, neck hurts, jaw hurts, and knees hurt"

"That sounds round two to me" He jumps up excitedly starting to take his shirt off.

"No what the fuck Yoongi" He froze as a smile crossed his face.

"I know I was playing" He plops down on the bed. I look under the cover to notice that I was wearing a shirt but my pants where in deed on the floor and I only had on underwear.

"OH MY FUCKING GOD" I snatched the cover protecting my bottom half.

"What?" he looks at me side ways.

"My pants" I give him a weak smile as I reach off the side of the bed.

"Really I don't have mine on" He jumps off the bed removing 2 of my smaller white blankets I always keep my bed. everything from his waist down came to the light showing itself in all its glory, my eyes buck and I try to crawl to the corner of the bed but my ass hired so I just quit burring my face into the bed.

"Wait I had sex with you why am I still running" my face still pushed into the mattress and my butt up in the air cause it was the only position that doesn't hurt. I heard the bed make little squeaks the ones that all beds make when someone gets on it, then very subtlety I feel his hands fell their way up my ass then fletch right into the meat of it.

"HEY YOU PERVERT!" I flinch. He laughs moves his hands and grabs his underwear score entering the bathroom. I let out a sigh of relief then remembered t there are people in the front room, I hurry and grab my robe noticing the clock saying 9 AM so everyone should still be sleep. I creep out the room and look straight down the hallway, I don't see them sleeping on the floor between the kitchen and the living room like they was before. Not thinking anything to serious I walk down the hallway in hopes that they just might have moved to the couches. On the way down I check Jasmens room which was empty, when I get to the living room it was also empty. It seems like everyone is gone.

"Yoongi" I shout through the apartment.

"What" he yelled from my bathroom.

"Where is everyone?"

"How am I supposed to know" the shower in my bedroom starts.

"DO YOU KNOW ANYTHING!" I shout at him.

"I HATE YOU" he shouts back.


"But if I leave then who will be your personal hater"

"Jimin" I said all snobby.


"Nothing" I giggle.

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"That's what I thought, by the way check your neck before you go out the house" he warned. I started feeling on my neck as I stormed to the guest bathroom.

"YOONGI I SWEAR TO GOD" I look in the mirror to see hickeys stretching all over my neck.

"Yoongi!!!" I whined.

"I have to go out and find a place to volunteer with Jimin today how could you do this to me" He got me acting like a kid who's toy just got taken from him.

"I know that's why I did it, I don't like him being around you by himself" I walk back into my room and started grabbing clothes cause it looks like I'm showering in the guest bathroom.

"Isn't that your friend this shouldn't be a problem"

"He my friend yeah but before that he was a hoe" He responded as I finally finished collecting my outfit and walked back to the bathroom.

"You say this like he isn't one anymore" I turn on the water and checked my phone seeing that Jimin just texted me.

Jimin: Good Morning Jordan I'll be at your house to pick you up by 12 so be ready to spend the day with me

Jordan: Okay I'll be ready

Jimin: You better be

Jordan: Shut up

I threw my phone down ignoring whatever else he had to say.

"That's why you got those in your neck" Yoongi said after Jimin and I had that quick chat.

"But we aren't even doing anything but looking for volunteer work." I hear his shower stop as I get into mine.

"I don't care"

"Fine little meow meow"

"Say that one more time and-" I cut him off.

"And what, I'll fight you"

"You wasn't fighting me last night." I can tell he has a big ass smirk on his face right now.

"Get... the fuck... out of my house"

"You aren't going to feed your man before he leaves?"

"I prefer he starves"

"Right *he drags it out* so I can eat you later" That comment made me drop the soap and almost fall in the shower.

I catch myself breathing a little heavy. " fine got damnit I'll feed you" I take a little 30 minute wash off since my normal showers are about an hour. When I get out the shower Yoongi has already cleaned the room and changed my sheets. I didn't notice him in the living room when I left the bathroom and he wasn't in the bed room either. So I walk to the kitchen and there he is trying to make some coffee. He's made this place his home faster than I have. I don't bother it but damn, he seemed to be making the coffee wrong, I just giggle and turn something on the TV.

"Coffee machine broke" He finally quits.

"No Yoongi your just broken" I then explain to him how to properly make coffee. After that he sat down on the living room couch watching TV and I started making breakfast which was pretty American, it was an omelet, hash browns, bacon and honey biscuits. In the middle of making the hash browns the code on the front door rang and a tall skinny man with red hair walk into the house. Despite being shocked I'd admit that he's pretty freaking hot, like extremely hot I'm not one to name names but he'd give Jimin a run for his money, he'd be better if HE WASN'T A DAMN STRANGER THAT JUST BARGED INTO MY HOUSE. Yoongi seen the change in my face how it went from shocked to kind of dreamy and I don't think he likes it at all. The man walks passed the threshold with Jasmine right behind him, he froze in surprise because I'm sure he didn't expect people to be here.

"Oh Jordan, Yoongi what a surprise" She smiled, as she spoke her eyes widened but her actual mouth didn't move.

"Oh Jasmen what a surprise indeed, your home with a man" I give him a very seductive but suspicious glare. He politely and properly bowed showing respect.

"Hello I'm BamBam Jasmens boyfriend, I'm sorry to intrude I'll come back another time"

"Awe come on I'm just making breakfast, and drop the honorifics your making me feel old" I start feeling my cheeks for wrinkles.

"Yeah were all friends, by the way this is Yoongi Jordan's boyfriend" she introduces him to Yoongi. BamBam walks over to him and extends a hand offering a hand shake. Yoongi looked at him like he way crazy.

"Yoongi play nice, I'm sorry BamBam he isn't a morning person" I make and excuse for his rudeness while giving him the death stare. Yoongi caves in and shakes his hand. I checked the time and it's now almost 11 am. I already made enough food to feed 2 more people so I fixed them a plate. While handing Jasmen a plate I whisper.

"Let me talk to you for a second." She placed her plate on the living room table and followed me to my room. After she enters she sits down on my bed as I close the door.

"Jasmen what the fuck" I whisper shout.


"Don't act like you wasn't making out with Hoseok last night"

"What? Hoseok and i didn't- *It finally clicked what happened last night. Her face fell in shock as she covers her mouth with her hand* NNNNOOOO fucking way he's like a brother to me" She starts hitting on my shoulder.

"OUCH OUCH OUCH, Stop it hun I don't know what your going to do with this fuck fest you've created but you better figure it out cause I'm sure Hoseok thinks you're a couple now, and if he sees this * I made exaggerated arm circles around her and the living room where BamBam was* then he's going to fucking flip shit"

" Fuck this is so problematic" She runs her fingers through her hair in anger.

"how long have you and BamBam been dating anyways?" I put my hands on my hips.

"I met him on a dating app while we was in America, everything he's ever told me has been the truth, he's from Thailand and is quite wealthy, so I agreed to fly to Korea and attend college with him." She explained.

"I... am... so betrayed. I didn't know you was in a long distance relationship, well i didn't know that he was the reason for you moving here and being so attached to this college but that can be over seen BUT THIS RELATIONSHIP... REALLY * Loudly whispered* "

"I didn't tell you in case it didn't work out I mean look at him he looks like an idol but then I forgot to tell you that it did work out" she laughs.

"I wanna be so mad at you right now but it is what it is so I'll drop it for now, just remember, don't fuck this up sis, now let's eat." I walk out the room going back into the living room. As I sat down with Yoongi, Jasmen sat with BamBam and they seemed to actually be conversing. It was only a couple seconds after that for BamBams true energetic yet laid back colors to show. He quickly became the life of this little get together even Yoongi was gummy smiling and laughing at him. Unfortunately Jimin texted me telling me he was outside and finding a brand new way to annoy me.

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