7 Chapter 7: Drunken Love

Jin walks into the room. "Yoongi stop attacking his face and join the party" he demanded. Yoongi stopped what he was doing or about to do and turned around. I took a huge sigh of relief as he moves back off of me.

"I was just telling him he looked good" Yoongi leaves the room. Before walking away from the doorframe he turns around peeking into the room.

"Okay well let me talk to him for a second" Jin shuts the door in Yoongis face before he could argue him down about it. He walks over to the bed and sits down with a smile on his face.

"You know your quite lucky" Jin takes a seat on the edge of my bed.

"Why is that?... I'm being harassed everytime I turned around" I scoot down the bed meeting him face to face.

"You're lucky because Yoongi is actually showing emotion to you. See he isn't the one to smile or run or talk basically he just exist most of the time. So for you to get him up talking is gift from god to us"

"Awe thanks but why doesn't he talk?"

"Well in middle school he met this girl that he really liked but he's always been quiet and had problems showing emotions yet she was the complete opposite, so we helped him hook up with her and they dated for a year, then she broke up with him because he didn't show his affection well like he'd give her water but didn't look at her or compliment her without facing her making her feel like she wasn't loved. That lead her to break up with him. Then, suddenly he disappeared from everything, he didn't show up to classes, I couldn't find him around town, and his own mother didn't have contact with him. 2 years later he reappears quiet and sulky like nothing ever happened. He vowed that when he meets the one he'll be different for them you know show emotion and care more and then we met you at the stop light, you reminded me of her actually everything about you reminded me of her just that your a boy, so please treat my little Min Yoongi right he's only new at love and I can tell you love him back so don't deny him much longer okay"

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"But I'm not like her I wouldn't break up with someone because they have a different way of showing love"

"I know I know I just love seeing his smile again" we gave each other a hug.

"Now what's with you and Namjoon?" I asked. He started looking around and sniffing the air.

"I think... the water is boiling over I should go check that out." He rushed out the room. I lightly smiled chuckled and shook my head in disappointment.

"Imma get down to the bottom of them two" I vowed to myself, then I get up almost walked out the room before I remembered I had to change. If the clothes I'm wearing is to provocative then I think the only thing I can wear now is my pajamas. While I was changing my clothes I couldn't lose this underlining anger.

"Why would she break up with him over something so silly? He's an amazing person, I mean I reject him everyday and he comes back everyday... why do I reject him? Well he never asked me out so technically I never rejected him." My thoughts ran rampant while I was putting on my pajamas. It only took me a good 3 minutes to change, after that I leave and enter the living room. Hoseok and Jasmen was sitting next to each other laughing and enjoying themselves looking like a cute couple completely ignoring the world, Jungkook and Taehyung was playing Overwatch on the floor, Jimin was either looking at a very interesting movie or staring at himself through the camera(probably the camera), Namjoon was in the kitchen with Jin helping slave over the stove, and Yoongi was on the other side of the couch sipping on some wine Jasmen and I bought not to long ago. So I sit down next to him.

"See now you look better Mr. Angry" I intentionally start an argument.

"No... you just looked too good" he takes a sip.

"Mhm your just possessive"

"Damn right"

"You haven't even asked me out" I cross my arms and pout a little. Slowly he puts his drink down and turns to me, looking into my eyes his eyes lock with mine. He left himself open for me to take in his everything, I could see his soul flicker in happiness as he gazed into mine.

"Jordan will you go out with me?" He asked. I didn't expect him to do that in public. Jimin dropped his phone, tilting his head looking at us, Jasmen and Hoseok turned around, V and kook dropped their controllers and mid game looking at us, Jin and Namjoon stopped what they was doing and stared at us. The whole house was quiet and their eyes felt like lasers beaming onto me causing me to freeze.

"So?" He place his hand in my thigh.

"I don't know what to say, I know that I like him and he likes me but am I ready to be in a relationship before my second official week of school. But he's not a bad guy he's cute and caring he doesn't know what he's doing and acts on emotions, which I love, so maybe dating him won't be so bad" I thought to myself.

"Sure I'll date you" I give into him, and accomplish smirk crosses his face as he looks at Jimin while reading cup of wine. I noticed it but payed no mind to the situation.

"Damn I thought Jordan would've rejected him" Namjoon returns to doing what we he was doing before that.

"Great another relationship on our hands" Jungkook rolled his eyes before turning around returning to the game. Namjoon threw a spoon at Jungkook hitting him right in the dome. I see Namjoon mouth "shut up" while everyone returned to doing what they was doing before. Jimin returned to his phone this time texting something, but he looked kind of bothered. Hoseok isn't even paying attention to the house, a car could've fell through the ceiling but he wouldn't notice because Jasmen and him was so into their conversation. Yoongi and I talked all the way till Jin called us to eat at the table, we didn't chat about much, Yoongi talked about work, it was my time to figure out what he does which is just finance for this oil company, but he did say that he always wanted to be an artist, yet for some reason he thinks that being an artist in Korea won't work out for him. Besides that talking to him actually gave me some insight into what the rest of the boys actually do. Hoseoks' fathers owns a boy band, Jin was born into a rich family but wants to make his own money, Jimin does everything involving a camera except adult videos, Namjoons parents own a bakery and he works at the gas station for some extra cash, Jungkook was basically raised by Jin, to the point where Jin even pays his college tuition. Taehyung is a professional gamer so he makes his money from places like twitch and competitions. All that kind of made me value the boys more, their now annoying jerks but hard workers, and I value that.

"Food's done" Jin said enthusiastically. Taehyung and Jungkook ditches the game mid match and we gathered around the dinner table. Jin made a lot of dishes, some that I've never seen before and some that I'm all the familiar with. We all get comfortable at the table, we laughed and argued over everything and anything, but we all talked more like family not friends. Then Jimin opened up some soju we had in the fridge... That was the downfall of the night. Hoseok and Jasmen started making out then fainted in there bowls of soup, Jimin started dancing provocatively with Jungkook, Jungkook was dancing like a stripper gone wild (imagine him in those overalls and timberlands from that one episode of BTS Run). Jin was telling terrible dad jokes, Namjoon kept falling out of his chair, V became possessive of Jimin and Jungkook to the point where he wouldn't let them go, and Yoongi well his tolerance was high but mine had to be higher, Yoongi took about 6 shots before his face started turning red and his eyes lowered.

"Yah down already?" I antagonize him some. I get a bit rough and competitive when I get drunk so I seen Yoongi tolerance as a challenge.

"No I'm just getting started" He makes two more shots and slides one to me. Jasmen jumps and pulls her face out the soup bowl next to Hoseok who's still sleep in his bowl, she stares at us puts her fingers up and almost said something before falling asleep again in the bowl again this time putting her hand right on Hoseoks head. Yoongi and I make a toast then down the shot. Jimin at stuck at the end of a big group hug on the floor wraps his leg across Jungkook who's in the middle and Tae was at the end clenching the three together with his arms. They all seem to be sleep so Jin crawled out his chair on the the floor grabbing Namjoon who quit trying to sit in the chair then found himself joining the group sleeping huddle. Yoongi and I take 2 more shots before calling it quits, he tries his best to get me out of my chair but I couldn't feel my legs so he tried his best to pick me up and put me in my room. When we make it in the room he gently places me down and gets up to leave, but something came over me and I grabbed him before he could get away from me, his warm soft skin just felt good at the moment, so good I couldn't do anything but taste him.

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