6 Chapter 6: Let's Have A Party

**Time skip (Friday night)**

Jasmen and I are laid up on the couch watching some random Kdrama and eating Ice cream with one spoon.

"Hey remember when I couldn't understand Korean and you used to get angry about it because your dream was for us to come here?" jasmen asked.

"Yeah," I answered.

"Well, I'm glad you helped me become fluent because this is the life I've always wanted. To be with my main bitch eating ice cream snuggled up on the couch watching Kdramas" She sounds like she's about to cry.

"Oh girl stop we've both felt like America wasn't the place for us, we should just be happy Korea is our new home" I get up with my cover wrapped around my body and started walking toward my room like it was some type of dress.

"Where yuh going?" she asked.

"To get some sleep since we have company on Saturday" I laugh.

"Oh okay well good night" I blow her a good night kiss before going inside my room. Landing on my bed I almost instantly get a message from the man of the day...Yoongi.

Yoongi: Babe

Jordan: Babe??? Is that my new name?

Yoongi: Only if you want it to be

Jordan: I want to be with you before you'd call me "Babe"

Yoongi: So you're admitting that you want to at least be with me

Jordan: Don't think you're getting somewhere we're still friends

Yoongi: Not for long

Jordan: What

Yoongi: Goodnight soon to be babe

Jordan: Goodnight little meow meow

Yoongi: Don't call me that

I chuckle and flip my phone over. Slowly I began to fall asleep but as I fade away and into my void of reality Jimin decided to light my phone up with his bullsh** yet again.

Jimin: Jordan

Jordan: Jimin

Jimin: Don't give me that face

Jordan: Ugh... Fine JJJIIMMIINN

Jimin: See now that's better

Jordan: Boy what do you want

Jimin: I've found a place for us to volunteer at, so on Sunday you're coming with me.

Jordan: Fine is Yoongi coming

Jimin: No why would he?

Jordan: I don't think he'd want me to be alone with you

Jimin: Come on you say it all the time " I'm not dating him" Huh what happened to that?

Jordan: Fine Jimin don't make me have to kill you before our second week of school

Jimin: Why would you have to do that

Jordan: Because you're a man thot

Jimin: to be clear I am a body explorer.

Jordan: Yup that's the definition of a man thot

Jimin: We'll finish this argument tomorrow

Jordan: No we won't I'll be with Yoongi by then bbbyyeee

Taking a tiring breath i roll over placing my pillow over my phone trying my hardest not to be annoyed anymore with anyone's idiotic behavior. Sadly my phone decided to vibrate from the depths of the pillow.


Jordan: Hyung wtf.

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Jin: Well about time you willingly acknowledge me being your hyung.

Jordan: Jin what do you want got dang it.

Jin: Have food at the apartment, I'm gonna cook when i get there.

Jordan: So you don't want anything okay got it.

Jin: Jordan if you don't have food i'll have to punish you

Jordan: punish who?

Jin: You

Jordan: I'm so scared

Jin: You should be i'll show no mercy

Jordan: Okay damn you'll have food to cook when you get here.

Jordan: Wait while you're threatning me what's up with you and Namjoon

Jin: What nothing I'll talk to you tomorrow gotta go to work

"I'll find out Wyatt's with them " I plot to myself before fading away to what I want to call my lovely sleep.

I don't remember the exact time I dell asleep but I remember being in my bed on early morning, the room I was in was completely white with a white desk to accommodate it. The covers was white thick wool and kept me warm, but there was something else under the cover, I feel it's hands slide over my waist holding me tight I wasn't inclined to move and inch away from it but instead I embrace its hold by moving back some. Then there it goes, his voice, the one that sent chills down my body and so far the only man to capture my heart, Yoongi.

"did you sleep well last night?" yoongi asked.

"mm yeah I would ask you the same but you always sleep good" I turn around to see his light tan cheek sticking from above the cover and his smooth brown hair scattered all over the pillow.

"I will sleep well as long as your next to me" he pops his head up from the cover starring straight into my eyes, his eyes were different up close, from a distance you'd only see a deep brown but from up close you'd notice that only the center of his eyes are deep brown and the outer ring is a lighter brown color. I could stare into his eyes all day long if I had the chance please let this dream last longer let me stare into his eyes longer.

"your cooking or me" he asked.

"I'll cook something for you, what do you want" I asked. He moved his arms from around my waist and slide his fingers through my own before clenching down on them. He pulls himself on top of me pinning my hands down.

"I want you" his eyes never lose contact with my own.

"Do you now" I smirk.

He bites his bottom lip. "You have no idea" he kisses me, as soon as his lips touch mine I wake up from my sleep sweating life away. I breath heavily and hold my heart.

"What's going on here, I've never had this before, I never dreamed of my first love like this what's going on with me... No Jordan you can't fall for him like this" I thought to myself.

I come back to myself and slap my cheeks a little trying to knock these sins out of my head. Jasmen comes barging into my room just in time.

"Oh love what have you done this time" she runs to my bed and start feeling my head for a temperature and examining the soak and wet bed.

I sigh "This boy is fucking my life up jasmen" she runs out the room and comes back in with a towel.

"I can tell" she places the towel over the wet spot and digs in my dresser grabbing a T-shirt for me.

"Thank you Jasmen I really appreciate it" I smile and start changing shirts.

"it's okay *she looks at my clock on the dreeser* try to get some sleep and we'll wash this in the morning okay" she gets halfway out the door.

"okay thanks again" I bow in apology.

"it's okay rest up" she shuts the lights off and close the door.

She lets our a big tiring sigh.

"Yoongis gonna kill him at this rate" I hear her say to herself as she walks down the hallway to her room.

**Time skip (moments before they came)**

Jasmen and I was sitting in the living room watching TV, the boys texted us saying that they was on there way. Jasmen and I found it as perfect time to argue over the fact that she shouldn't have any others contact information YET SHE DOES ANYWAY! Jasmen threatened me with false promises like a normal brother sister relationship to get me to shut up. The wait wasn't long probably 25 minutes max then we heard the door bell rang, I forgot that I was wearing pajamas and a tank top so I ran straight to my room. I heard the door open and they all come in, foot steps head down my hallway but I couldn't find any clothes that didn't look like I worked as a male prostitute.

*knock* *knock* *knock* "Jordan parties here" Jimin said with a sexual tone into my door. I loud smack can be heard meeting the back of his head.

"Say it like that again I dare you" yoongi growled.

"hey no killing here I'm just on clothes so enjoy he's men company for the time being" I shuffle through clothes.

"okay I'll start cooking" Jin said they all walked off from the door. I scramble through y dresser and picked out my less provocative clothing which was some which skinny jeans and a males all black crop top shirt, I don't want to wear it but I didn't want too go out with some pajamas on so what choice do I have? It takes me a second to collect myself then I leave my room, I walk down the hallway and Taehyung's face came into view, at first he didn't notice me through his talking but when I walk a couple centimeters closer taehyung finally noticed me, hid eye widened and I stopped because he looked like he seen a ghost prostitute.

"Oh I just took this man child's eye virginity" I thought to myself.

I Know taehyung enough to understand that he a 10 year old stuck in a 20 year olds body. I start backing up slowly but jimin had popped out of the side or the Wall before I could get out of view, his eyes widen as he taps someone on the side of him, I make hand "no" type hand gestures in hope that he would stop but it was to late yoongi, namjoon, hoseok, and jungkook heads popped up. I walked forward enough to see jasmen on the far end of the couch before the sound of yoongi shocked me causing me to pause.

"CHANGE YOUR CLOTHES!" it was the first time I've heard him use any time except monotone. His face was nothing less of furious, his cheeks for fiery Red, it would've been sexy if he wasn't so angry at me. I tried to back up but I couldn't move v this man actually scared me motionless frozen in what I'm thinking is shock it couldn't be fear cause I find it hard to fear that little kitten. Jin had popped out from the left side of the wall which was the kitchen area.

"damn Jordan" jin laughs.

" what you say" namjoon was quick to give him a stern glare. Yoongi has disappeared behind the wall then he emerged almost charging at me, Jasmen still sitting on the couch slowly stuffing her face in crackers like it was popcorn to a movie. Yoongi reached me grabbing my hand and pulled me into my room slamming my door before throwing me on the bed.

"Don't ever yell at me" I stuttered. His angry Steen face turns into a controlled smile, but his red cheeked told me he's still mad. My eyes widen. And I back up until I bumped into the head board, as I backed it he moves onto the bed and started crawling toward me.

"don't yell at you anymore?" a more seductive mischievous voice exits his mouth but the anger can still be heard pushing its way threw.

"N. No you jerk" I close my eyes with my head pressed against the bed board. I feel his hand touch my leg and crawl up my waist and up my chin pulling my face tightly toward him insuring his control over me.

"I won't yell at you anymore... As long as you look this good for me and me only" his low crawl sends chills down my spine. I tried to move my mouth but his hand was so tight on my chin I couldn't form a sentence. He moves his face closer and closer to mine to the point where I could feel the heat of him being angry bake on my skin, I try to move my body but he has me completely in his control right now.... Then.

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