2 Chapter two

The pain. It was unbearable. Nano lifted her eyelids; feeling the sunlight rush into her bare eye. She hates it. So bright.

Her hands were on her chest. Surrounded her was a pile of rocks.

But these weren't ordinary rocks. At the top of her were a green rock, at her feet were a yellow rock, and on either side of her were a pink and red rock. These rocks healed you until you've come to wake. And by the third day, if you haven't woke, you were pronounced dead.

Nano began blinking uncontrollably. Her fingers felt like rusty metal when she tried moving them. It was such incredible pain.

The room was so cold. Her lips were purple and she had black bags under her eyes as if she hadn't slept in ages. Nano slowly lifted herself up as if she were doing push-ups.

The room was big. She lied in a human-sized bucket with the rocks surrounding her.

That's when she noticed she was fully naked. All her clothes were folded on the wall next to the sliding door.

This looked more like a dojo than anything else. The bucket was on a thin, blue mat. Nano began to look around the room slowly. Laughter seeped through the thin walls of this place.

Beside the bucket were eight cups of water.

Without hesitation, Nano grabbed each one, gulping them down in seconds to come. Lines of water began to fall down her face as each cup clenched her thirst. Felt like heaven in a cup. She didn't stop until she reached the last cup.

She slammed each one down as she only got thirsty for more water.

The sliding door opened as she got done drinking the last cup of water. A guy walked in, didn't seem to notice Nano at first.

As he turns to her, he dropped the bucket of water and towel he had in his hand and turned around in shock. "You're alive!" He says in Chinese. Nano wipes her mouth with her wrist.

She didn't care that she was naked. The man stayed turned around with his hands up.

He had black, long hair, pale skin, and was tall enough to touch the ceiling of this place. Nano looks him up and down.

"Where am I?" She asks. The man swallows and answers ever so slowly.

"Guizhou Province. My grandfather found you in the temples high in the mountains when he went to visit four days ago." The man answers. He slowly begins to turn around, looking Nano in the eyes, and trying not to stay too focused on her breast.

He grabbed the towel and slowly began making his way over to Nano. "I'm Ichi. Much of my pleasure to meet you," he says.

Nano took the towel and wrapped it around her upper body.

"Daddy!" Both Nano And Ichi looks at the sliding door to see a little girl standing there. She had a teddy bear in her hand and a kid's book in the other. Ichi waves at her.

"Go go now!" He spoke Japanese to her. She closed the sliding door back before poking her head through one more time.

"Hi! I am Nani. Nice to meet you." She says in a loud whisper.

Nano looks at Ichi and smiles a little.

The little girl was pale too. Long, beautiful black hair, and as cute as you could imagine.  Truly made Nano's day.

As Nano stands, she drops the towel and begins to head toward her clothes next to the sliding door. Ichi was shocked at the sight of her naked body. He stared at the colorful tattoos Nano had.

A large dragon the color of baby blue, red, and black. Flowers were tattooed on her, and so was a number that read "143" on it.

"Your tattoos. From the Yunnan Province. You were a warrior?" He asked.

Nano wrapped the white robe around her thin, beautiful body. "Yes," she answers. Ichi stands and seemed intrigued by what he'd just heard. "So what were you doing in the mountains?" Ichi asked eagerly.

"Business you shouldn't worry about," Nano says. Ichi went to a straight face. "Well. Your sword and weapons are in the dojo not far from here," Ichi says. Nano nods.

The sliding door opens once again and a woman pokes her head through.

"Ichi..." she stops.

Nano turns and looks at the woman while Ichi stands and puts his hands behind his back.

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"Kai! Hey honey!" He says. Kai raises her eyebrow and continues to speak. "I made breakfast, for you," she says.

Ichi shook his head.

"My manners. Nano, this is Kai, my wife, and Kai, this is Nano." Ichi says. Kai raised her head. She didn't look too happy to see Nano naked with her husband.

"How do you know my name?" Nano asked. Ichi silently pointed to her robe in which her name was printed into it in black.

"I'll be waiting out here..." Kai says.

Kai looked to be about 25. Ichi was 27 and Nano was 21 years old..

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