3 Chapter three

Nano steps out of the room she woke up in. Around her was a nicely decorated kitchen type of room. The smell of food hit her nose which causes her stomach to beg for food.

Nani comes running to her and stops right in front of her.

Nano knelt down and smiles in Nani's face. "Nice to meet you too. I'm Nano." Nano took Nani's gentle hand and softly shook it.

Just like that, someone pulls Nani away from Nano. Nano stands seeing Kai pulling her daughter away from Nano. "Don't mess with her. Never talk to strangers," Kai says.

Nano looks down and looks back up to speak to Kai. "You have such a beautiful daughter," she says. Kai looks at Nano with a disgusting face.

"Okay. The lunch is ready. Would you like water, Nano?" Ichi asks.

Nano nods to him. "Please," she answered.


The lunch was silent.

"Thank you so much for keeping me in your lovely home," Nano says.

Ichi bows softly. "Of course stay as long as you..." he didn't get to finish. "It's temporary," Kai chimes in. Nano looks at her plate.

It looks like a wooden plank. A boiled egg next to corn on a cob and a leaf.

"Kai." Ichi looks at Kai talking in a loud whisper. Nani just chowed down here food with a smile. Nano wasn't hungry anymore.

"What? I tell her it was temporary. I will not have a stranger in my home for as long as she pleases," Kai argued.

"But she has nowhere else."

"Not my fault she tried doing bad things in the mountains."



Nano looks up. "I will leave tonight."

The room got silent. "That's even better," Kai says. Ichi throws his food on the table. He stands from the mat that held their butts on the ground.

"No! You can stay here as long as you want! You need to rest!" Ichi nearly yells. Nano keeps a straight face.

"I will respect your home. Her home. If she does not want me here, I will leave without question," Nano says. Ichi looks at his wife in disgust and swallowed before walking away.

He muttered to himself as Nano turns her head to Kai woks was eating in the awkward silence.

"Your husband is upset. You should go calm him down. Being upset can damage the mind, the mental health," Nano says.

"He's fine."

Nano nods to Kai. Kai then stands and rushes into the room Ichi has gone into.

"Mommy and daddy always argue," Nani complains. Nano leaned forward. "I promise things will get better." Nano smiled. Nani sighed and began playing with her boiled egg.

"You have many friends?" Nano asks.

"No. Everyone thinks I am weird," Nani looks up at Nano.

Nano chuckled a little. "Let me tell you something. The weird people are the most successful ones," Nano winks.

Nani giggles and tried winking back at Nano.

Nani then stands and rushes to Nano, pulling her by the arm. Nano was fully dressed now. A long robe-like outfit. Decorated in flowers and other Chinese traditional things.

Her hair was put into a ponytail with two chopsticks sticking out of it. Then she had on the two-toed shoes that matched the fit she wore.

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"I have to show you something!!" Nani pulled Nano by the arm.

Nano smiled and stands while Nani continued to pull her by the arm. Nano followed her out of the door.

Kai comes out of the room.

"Nani!" Kai looks around to see Nani and Nano were both gone. "Nani?" Kai calls out..

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