1 Chapter one

Blood dripped from her face. Pain shot through her body.

Her eyes weren't visible in the moonlight as she pants like a dog. She held her sword tightly in her hand, tripping over her war mates dead bodies in the night.

The purple flowers around her waved beautifully as the soft wind wiped over them. This was her worst fear.

In front of her was the Samurai her people have been trying to kill. No success. Sweat began to drop into her eye as he stood with his sword drawn. A straight face and barely a scratch on him. His black robe and wooden flip flops stood out in the moonlight. He went by the name of Kitsune.

"You just don't know when to stop... do you?"

*he spoke Chinese*

The girl fell to her knees. She grunted in pain as she tries lifting herself once more. "You... won't... get... away with this." At this point, she was right in front of him.

He looks down upon her. A look of disgust and humiliation.

The look of her rages him. He got down, ripping off the mask she used to cover her nose and mouth. Another look of disgust raged him as he shoved her head back into the cold dirt that laid beneath the purple flowers.

Kitsune began to speak.

His Chinese was so great. Traditional Chinese it was. She listens.

Her name was Nano.

"To be honest, I thought you guys were better than that. I came here prepared. My sword, my knives, my focus. But that all was a waste of ti..." Kitsune didn't get to finish.

Nano jumped, waving her sword at him. But he quickly reacted.

He used his, blocking her attack before impaling his sword into her stomach. He quickly pulled it out, causing pain to erupt in her body as he drug his sword across her face as quickly as he could, leaving a scar.

As swift as the wind, he managed to get behind Nano, flat kicking her in the back, sending her flying into the field of flowers.

This all happened so quickly, Kitsune nearly forgot what had happened.

Nano held her stomach wound, trying to keep the blood inside so she wouldn't bleed out to death. Her face was bleeding, but not as badly. She lied flat on her chest.

She began to breathe hard, beginning to choke on the dirt her face lied on.

Her mouth was wide open and her hair stung her eyes as the shards touched her bare eyes. But that wasn't the pain she was trying to avoid. From Kitsune's point of view, it looked as if she were twitching.

"Oh how your mother would be disgusted with you. How your brother would no longer love you." Kitsune slowly walks to her.

Nano tried to get up, but her body refused to put in its work.

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Oh just you wait until I get my hands on you. I'm going to fucking kill you, Nano thinks.

Kitsune steps on her back. He began to press down harder. Nano's face began turning red as she really struggled to breathe.

He got down to her level and whispered in her ear. "Was this the reason why you killed your father?" Kitsune asked. He takes his foot off of Nano and kicks her in the head. Assuring himself she was dead and gone..

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