1 what am I doing with this kid?!

Celine was staring at a girl free of wrinkles from across the bathroom's interior and in the mirror. her young complexion tinted a rose pink oozed serenity that contracted her mind which was racing a thousand miles a minute. those eyes that contained the entire ocean allowed those who looked to see her fear. her hand rested on her soft cheek, going so far as to pinch it only to feel a numbing sensation.

she broke into a cold sweat despite coming out of the shower with a thick towel embroidered with the royal family's crest, indicating a large amount of care towards their luxurious lives. Celine didn't care about any of this, because her life felt far from luxurious or carefree that night. outside there was waiting a boy equal to her in age but not in status.

the second prince of Fushe, prince Daniel Sylindragor, paced around the room dressed in the lightest night clothes created for this night. he donned a baby blue set of pajamas that easily came undone at the buttons, insinuating a deeper meaning for the buttons' existence. Daniel mentally cursed both his and this neighboring country's clothing designers for being so sly. 'are they that desperate for us f*ck?'. one day he was practicing to become a proper heir, the next he was told to wed because that's apparently what proper heirs did. he truly did question if this was the right decision, but in the end, he was willing to go to any length to prove himself ready for the throne.

Daniel wasn't arranged to marry just any girl, but rather the ruthless first princess of Crythe, Celine D'lore. she was infamous for mercilessly firing her workers if they did not prove productive or more competent than detrimental to her various self-started businesses. it was terrifying how she wasn't even a full grown adult but had rightful ownership of more property and assets than the rest of Crythe's elite society put together. truthfully speaking, Daniel half admired her and was half terrified of her because of this reputation she had. his fiancé was a ruthless young girl who had a knack for economics, who wouldn't feel the same?

Celine's father, the king, granted her 60% of his power in the government to her for unknown reasons when she was at the tender age of four. more so, he held an informal coming of age ceremony soon after just to give Celine the key to the nation's vault which held the royal family's sacred heirlooms. although the vault contained these priceless items, she was not expected to do anything with them, but rather it was the gesture that explained the king's trust in her.

'pure luck or genius?' Daniel pondered, recalling that Crythe leapt from the bottom of the rankings for wealth by country to the top within a decade of Celine's rule. on the other hand, it could have been pure luck that Celine met with success during her decade-old rule, but on the other hand, how much luck could you have to have a successful decade-old rule? not like he was one to talk, though; what had Daniel accomplished? well, you could suppose drugging his first brother and sending an assassin to kill him is one, but otherwise he hadn't done much. while Celine was fed with a platinum spoon, Daniel had to crawl and beg for his food. he wasn't proud of his past actions, but he would have been on the short end of the stick if he hadn't acted cruel towards his own blood. since that time from years ago, he has been trying to catch up to Celine in terms of their studies and management of their countries. even the newly revised tax system in Fushe was modeled after Celine's success with her own country. she was truly a genius he decided, answering this question he has asked himself and answered countless times before.

but here she and he were, 14 years old and forced into a guest bedroom at the Crythian royal palace. one must question why he, from a country humble ranked in the bottom of the top 10, was wedded to the crown princess of the top country in the world. While the Crythian princess could only guess, Daniel was unaware and didn't even question it; he was preoccupied with cursing his parents for this awkward marriage and no preparation for how he would deal with this person of the opposite gender.

although not her own room, the layout and furniture were much too similar that when she reached for her hair brush in it's usual spot on the bathroom counter, it was not actually there. after soothing her nerves and convincing herself that dealing with this kid won't be too difficult, a surge of annoyance welled up within her, 'what were my parents thinking? why would they force a 27 year old onto some poor 14 year old kid? did they think I could just babysit him?!' you could say this 14 year old girl had an old soul at heart, but they would be d*mned to actually believe this, because she truly did reincarnate.