A new type of curse , happiness
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A new type of curse , happiness


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What is A new type of curse , happiness

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A prince was born in Zindra Kingdom , all the people were happy with their prince's birth , but their happiness didn't last . On the day he was born , his father was leading the army to fight against evil witches . Although they won , the leader of the evil witches cursed the Verlice family before she died . No one knows what is the curse . The king didn't hear what she said as she was mumbling before her death , so he didn't take her seriously until .... He went back home to find that his wife , the Queen , has gone into labour . Excited to meet his first child , he stayed awake all night even though he just came back from war . Eventually the child was born by dawn and all were happy , that was until they saw a mark on his left chest , the place of the heart , that mark was a devil . All were shocked because that was the evil witches sign and from then on they were depressed . The curse didn't appear until he was 3 and then on he started feeling painful , but he locked himself in his room , not wanting anyone to know what's going on . Years passed and still no one knows what is the curse except the prince whose heart has been frozen from suffering alone and still needing to fulfill his duty as the crown prince . After a while of searching for a cure , his parents found out that his curse can only be broken once he falls in love . All the girls in the kingdom thought of it as a chance and tried getting close to the prince through banquets and balls , but all in vain . The prince couldn't fall in love until .... Meanwhile in Campbell mansion , a girl is being abused daily . Her father is Duke Campbell , but he has been treating her in a way that no one can tolerate . All of this is because her mother , the duke's beloved , died while giving birth to her and then her father's concubine took her mother's place as the wife and that was when the abusing started. That concubine hates her because she's the original wife's daughter while her father hates her because he thinks she killed her mother . The poor girl has been suffering everyday without knowing what she did wrong to deserve this . The girl has a halfsister who hates her because of her beauty . The girl never thought of seducing the prince and getting rid of this life until one day the King and Queen announced something that changed her life forever . The story is called " A new type of curse , happiness " because as all cursed bring disaster , this curse brought happiness to the frozen prince . ML: Aaron Verlice FL: Ophelia Campbelle Note : The cover is not mine .


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