1 The Beginning


Everyone has powers but only some people use it right. Some people have weak powers and some are so powerful you can die within seconds. Powers range between 1 - 5. But unlike me I have none.

Hi, my name is Alania if I'm not at school you can find me in the infirmary. Unlike everyone else I am powerless but that does not mean I can't do great things it just means I have to work extra hard for my grades. My schedule is simple. I wake up, get dressed, eat, make 3 sandwiches, take one, get on the school bus, sit at the very back (so that no one can put gum in my hair again), then run into class. I was just waiting for lunch to get beat up when...


'Sup I'm Matthew but everyone calls me Matt. I am a power amplifier meaning anything you can do I can do it better. I just enrolled in West Bridge the most popular school in the state and today is my first day. I am so ready to rule the school! That's when I saw her...

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