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  When they reach the police station, Raj pulls her kurti so Anu looks towards him and asks him what's the matter? 

"Is dad will be here?" Raj questions on which Anu doesn't know what to say. To be honest, as she doesn't feel the emotions of the original Anu to that extent, and the original Anu is not quite close to her father. But still, Anu can say he is a good father. 

  And from looking towards children who are quite hopeful to meet Ram, she is sure that he is really a good father. She decided as soon as she gets the money for her advertisement, she will take the children to meet Ram, and also if possible make sure that he comes out of jail, even if it means on bail.

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"no, but we will meet him soon" Anu replied and see the children getting disappointed. Even they don't show it, they really miss their dad. 

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