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Anu doesn't understand how she ends up coming inside with Aarav. Anyway, she comes here then she might be performed well despite who is her partner.

While she is coming inside she sees many men are looking at her, and to be honest, it make her happy. In both of her life, she never gets much attention. The only person who will provide attention to her is her boss.

Today he is the only one who is not paying attention to her. She won't know what to feel. She can feel that Aarav is not very happy. But she is not sure about the reason, it is due to she come with him or because Shubhra doesn't come with him, she doesn't understand.

This party is more like an annual program of the college, at first they need to hear what the host has to say, as they are raising money for social work. For this, they are selling some handmade dresses of women, and other stuff too. This also the reason as everyone needs to bring female partners.

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