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After that Anu wanted to wash Sidharth's dirty clothes, but he quickly takes them from her and lock the bathroom door, and after washing them he comes outside.

Anu understands that he doesn't want to be a. burden on her, Anu also understands that she needs to give some time to get used to her. Some things can't be rushed. Anyway, after that, she needs to run after Raj so he will brush his teeth. Raj is quite lazy about taking bath and brushing his teeth.

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She decided to do research on how to be a good gurdian later. The next day she spends some time to pampering her skin and also preparing some snacks for children as she needs to go to the party tomorrow.

She also needs to work on her makeup. While getting ready for a special occasion we have to consider some things. Like where are you going, what is the occasion and at which time.

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