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The next day, Anuj takes the trio to a mall. He at first wanted to select a very expensive mermaid-type blue color dress for Anu as he wanted to see how greedy this girl be, but Anu refuses to it.

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Form Neha Anu learns one thing, which is to choose clothes according to the undertone and body type, now what is an undertone is something Anu also learns from Neha.

Undertone is nothing but the skin color which is deep inside the skin. Like we all have the complexion of either white, brown, whitish, black, etc, and it even changes by season.

But the undertone is something that never changes.

There are three types of undertone. One is warm the second is cold and the third is neutral. Now how we gonna know what is our undertone, so this is quite simple. Go in the sun and see your hands, especially the downside of the hand, near your palm where the skin is not tanned.

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