1 Being born again

And here he was , in nothing but darkness , no light , no feeling , no touch , nothing at all , it was this hell ? It was this the after life ? That he could not know , he didn't know how much time have passed , a day ? A month , an year , or more ? All he knew was that he deserved everything , he killed his whole clan , his parents , he tormented his younger brother for years , all because of the love for his village , for the greater good as many would say , but not for him , he would live with this for all eternity and nothing can change it or so he thought .

Time has passed , great ages were coming to an end , many people would perish , many civilizations would be destroyed and he was still there , waiting . He got used to it , until one time when something strange happened , a light . It was small at first , then it got bigger , and bigger , until something was heard or you can say someone .

Hello small one , how do you fair today ? Said a voice

He didn't know what to say or what to do , he tried to talk but he could not , he was surprised to finally hear someone after so much time , but he could not do anything , he didn't even know how he could see the light he did not open his eyes , yet he could see it .

Oh , i forgot wait a second . The voice said

Suddenly , he started feeling life in him once more , it was bizzare at first , but later he was feeling much better , he stared down at the light not knowing what to say , was this a God ? Or a Demon who wanted his sould ? After some moments he decided to talk .

Hello , i don't really know .. how to answer . Said itachi

Oh yes i understand , staying here for such a long time , i would be in the same situation , by the way i wanted to speak something with you . Said the voice

Of course , but first if you can tell me .. where am i ? Said Itachi

In the after life my boy . The voice said

Oh , that i know what i want to know is .. why did i waited here for so long ? Said Itachi

Well ... amm .. we had some problems and ..amm ... how should i put this .. we kind of lost you . Said the voice with a trembling voice

Itachi stopped thinking for a second , he was here for gods know how many centuries and that it's only because they lost him ?!

Itachi : Oh ..

Voice : Yes ... amm we are really sorry for this inconvenience ... but don't worry we got a gift for you .

A gift ? What gift was this voice talking about ?

Voice : Well .. i was thinking to give you a second life , to show you how much i'm sorry and to help you pass on with your old life , what do you think ?

A second chance to life ? To forget about everything from his old life ? To forget all the suffering ? All the screams ? It was a nice gift that he could tell , but what if things would go wrong again ? He would lose everyone again , he would feel alone again ? But it was a new chance , he could make it right and not repeat the same mistakes again , he could start something new , a new beginning . So with a good thought about it he simply noded his head

Voice : Do you wish to keep your memories ?

Itachi : Yes ..

Voice : All right , i will let you keep your powers i think they would be of great help in your new life , with a small gift from me of course . Just as he said that , a small ball of light extracted itself from the bigger one and entered in Itachi chest .

Itachi : Thank you .. for the new chance , i will use it well .

Voice : That i'm sure , farewell . I will keep an eye on you , your new life would may be complicate , but i am sure that you can pull it off . Go now your new life awaits you

He could not see it , but he was sure that the voice smiled , after some moments he felt the ground going down and he was falling , until he saw a light again .

Line Break

How long has it been? Hours? Days? Week? Months? But definitely not a year time because pregnancy only lasts for forty weeks. It was also possible that his 'mother' had already had him about thirty or thirty-one months, because his body was finally completed, and he was about to be born in less than a month. Itachi was a very patient man, so he rested inside his 'mother's' womb with his eyes remained close most of the time, listening to his mother's sweet words and possible his father's strong and mainly words to him, he could not hear everything, but it were more than enough for him to know their personalities.

Was this a joke ? He could do nothing but wonder , he killed so many people , destroyed so many famillies , and yet it was true , he was about to have a new life , a new chance to forgiveness.

Itachi would never let a chance like that slip through his fingers.

And so he waited... and waited... patiently for him to be born and after all, the time finally came.

He could hear his mother screams , he could feel the cramps around him , as his mother tried to push him outside in the new world .

"Push stronger... Hana-san... almost there." The doctor encouraged. Hana... so that was his mother's name.

"C'mon honey, you can do it!" A man's voice, which he immediately recognized to be his father's voice, joined in.

"AHHH! It's hurt!"

First was his head, supported by the doctor's gentle hands then his body and finally, his mother's cry of pain stopped. Itachi was wrapped in a clean, white towel by the nurses and gave to sobbing his mother, a beautiful woman with black hair and deep blue eyes. She was lying on a hospital bed, with her face was rather pale because of childbirth.

"Out of the way Kenji-san." The nurse said to the black haired, black eyes man that was holding his mother's hand "this is a mother's job, the father shouldn't be here."

So this was his new familly , he watched from his mother arms ,at both his parents they were beautiful and so he was. He could feel his mother love , her eyes bore into his , he felt like she could break the world for him

"What are you going to name him, Hana-san?" The doctor asked.

"Itachi..." Hana said softly, making Itachi widen his eyes mentally. That couldn't be a coincidence, right? "Itachi Uchika..." Itachi almost thought that his family name would be Uchiha, but it seemed he was wrong. But Itachi... Of all the name she could use to name him, why would his mother think and then choose that name?

Because his baby body was weak, Itachi felt himself getting really sleepy and soon closed his eyes and went to sleep, completely aware of the fact that he was no longer human.

He would find the truth later , for now he would enjoy the time in his mother embrace

End of chapter 1

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