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A New Chance


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What is A New Chance

Read A New Chance fanfiction written by the author BobDoSomething on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is others fanfic stories, βœ“ Newest updated βœ“ All rights reserved


A life filled with regret but now a chance to start it over....What will he do? Will he be a hero...Or a villain...or something else... *Will include different world*(Multiverse) Release rate should be 1chp/day unless it is weekend which will result in more. (Job) *Disclaimer* I do not own the image, all character belong to their original creator. First time writing a novel, criticism is welcome.

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MC is a retarded f**k. The ROB who granted him his wishes warned him that fking up canon plots of worlds that he travels to would bring down the wrath of other higher beings. What does MC do? He fks up the naruto world before canon even begins. Worthy of a dog that courts death.


MC is a cuckolded dude, he only take care of tsunade but he leave her, later she find him with her already have a lover. MC just a cuckold adopted big brother of tsunade. I'm so broke now that my time was wasted on this junk.


Honestly, the story was going well, but no matter how you try to explain to me how the protagonist has problems due to how he grew up, in history we are told how he is besides being otaku, which helps to create principles due to having so much reflection in certain stories, it is also someone who prayed to God. Someone like that started killing everyone for no reason. There's no way I can keep reading this. And about the fact of wanting to change the history of the worlds that it goes, even with superior beings observing these worlds, which I do not think should exist, but since they are copies of the original world, there is how to interfere at the request of these higher beings .


If not for the personality of the mc, it might've been one of the good novels but what can you do? The mc was bullied all his life and after transmigration he becomes the ultimate bully and murderer because he wanted to. A very gloomy story, awesome powers but you made him too agressive. You could say that the mc damaged your story.


I like this novel and I feel that there is even more room to improve, time is all that you need. Not all people who write a story here start like a pro writer, what's important is that you have the will to improve step by step. I'm gonna follow this story till the end : )




~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dude, you better not drop this story cuz it's amazing!πŸ‘πŸ˜€.................... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


I am the one who sees the truth. Lakalallalalalalaalalalaalalalalalalalalalaalalalalalelrrllalalalalaalalalalaalslslslalaalalalalalaalslalalalaalalalalalalalalalalaalalalalaalaallalalaal.




Are this fanfaction of Fate Series ? It is true ? Make it true Are this fanfaction of Fate Series ? It is true ? Make it true Are this fanfaction of Fate Series ? It is true ? Make it true Are this fanfaction of Fate Series ? It is true ? Make it true Are this fanfaction of Fate Series ? It is true ? Make it true Are this fanfaction of Fate Series ? It is true ? Make it true


I would be honest. Your concept is not bad. The only big mistake was send MC to Naruto World.. If you want to make MC rampake and do as he wish, Just send him to apocalypse world. Such as Resident Evil, High school of the dead, walking dead, or even "God and Devil World". Which moral already gone in that's world.. And you could do as you pleases.. You could even kidnap all woman and make them your breeding live stock. Or your Slaves.. And make you own empire and the slaves would be your subject..


Well,it's better than I thought,but half of the problem is still here and new one,arrived shortly.Yep,can't escape the crossing fate.Simply speaking,it's like watching more powerfull version of gill,but version that lack his charm.Like I point out before,nothing happened,aside from power up and his ass still sitting on a golden throne.And I doubt,that anything would happen,knowing that he is even more overpowered,but don't have gill quirks.Omake was somewhat fun,but yeah genderbender for lulz,is not something appeling.Anyway mc lack character im my oppinion before and even more so after naruto arc-great job.Now he is something like a observer from a sideline who want just to life and looks for other's life-yeah,better watch anime gill-san.


I really like this novel it has alot of potemtial particularly the gloomy aspect the mc is neither a villain or a hero he simply wants to be string enough to do what he wants and i like the way he doesnt really hesiste to kill his enemies


don't worry about this dickheads author the story is good it's just that every readers in this website is only thinking with their divks don't listen to others continue doing it


Reveal spoiler


Honestly this is a bit of an interesting SI. The way the story is playing out shows that the MC has no real main goal in each world he goes. He merely travels for the sake of traveling. The MC is op like op that almost nothing can defeat him. The writing leaves much to be desired. I mean the author has been ending the chapters with the words "Cliff Hanger" for the past updates. I would say that the MC should have a major goal that should be made. Simple making him travel to different worlds and messing with the plot is going to make this story extremely redundant pretty fast. I mean just look at what happened in naruto, he lazed around for a couple years and suddenly fixes all the problems.


it's ****, since he had a jap name i knew it would. The story of how a loser in our world stay a loser in other world. it's ****it's ****it's ****it's ****it's ****it's ****it's ****it's ****it's ****it's ****it's ****it's ****it's ****it's ****it's ****it's ****it's ****it's ****it's ****it's ****it's ****it's ****it's ****it's ****it's ****it's ****it's ****it's ****it's ****it's ****it's ****it's ****it's ****it's ****it's ****it's ****it's ****it's ****it's ****it's ****


MC's hypocrite but the story is interesting in later Arc, cuz he's found reason to Life ..................................................................................................................................................................................


I dont know why people like this fan fic more than half of its idea is derived from overlord and its a waste of time.with boring story line.MC is retarded same goes for his servants.MC is op but he dont do **** and all the **** is being done by his followers.after reading this novel i think its just a waste of time.




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