1 CHAPTER 1: Going to Aerdia

A woman who looked to be 18 years old sat in the center of the room. Her beauty was one of a kind. She has an ethereal beauty, out of reach from mortals. Her name is Sellareia.

There were visible energies slowly gathering around Sellareia. Her long jet black hair cascaded down her back. Her beautiful fair face scrunched up from the excruciating pain the energy is giving her. Dispersed Stars, the energy that came from all domains. Only the Celestial Beings in Celestial Sky are capable of containing the Dispersed Stars in their body.

A knock sounded from outside of Sellareia's bed chambers.

"My lady, I'm coming in," A young girl's voice said. The door opened and a 10-year-old girl came in. The servant may look young, but she is older than a thousand years already. But still considered young in Celestial Sky.

The young girl tidied up Sellareia's bed chambers and stood beside Sellareia to wait for her to finish. When Sellareia has gathered up enough Dispersed Stars, she stood up but almost fell from exhaustion. The young girl immediately helped Sellareia to steady herself.

"Sila, has everything been arranged?" Sellareia stood up straight and asked with her soft voice.

"Yes, my lady." Sila, the servant girl nodded. Sila has always been following every order of Sellareia's since she was young. When she first met the young Sellareia, she was mesmerized with her beauty. And even her young miss' personality is gentle and kind. So, Sila became glad to work for a nice person.

Sellareia went to the door and looked out if there's anyone and asked, "Is Tamara gone?"

"Yes, my lady. I sent Ms. Tamara personally," Sila said while facing Sellareia.

"Go get my storage bag," Sellareia ordered. When Sellareia didn't hear anything from Sila, she turned back to look at her. Sellareia's eyes widened from shock when she saw Sila kneeling on the ground.

"Why are you kneeling?! Get up!" Sellareia gestured Sila with her hand to get up.

Sila refused to budge and shook her head. "My lady, please pardon my disobedience. Please reconsider leaving Celestial Sky. It is too dangerous for you! And It's too risky! No one has traveled in another domain for a long time," the young servant anxiously said. This was the first time Sellareia saw her servant refusing her orders; Sila has always been an obedient one.

Sellareia lifted Sila up and resolutely said, "I already know that, but I already prepared enough for this journey. I know you will be worried about me, but I cannot bear to stay cooped up in this place any longer. Nobody can change my mind, not even Aunt Tamara."

"I must leave now, please take care of my garden for me." Sellareia stood in the center of her room again. Not to gather energy, but to get ready on transporting herself to another domain.

Sila cannot convince her Young Miss, so she took the storage bag and gave it to Sellareia. "My lady, please take care of yourself. And don't talk to strangers."

Sellareia chuckled softly, took the storage bag, and slung it on her shoulder, "I know, but I must talk to strangers, and befriend some of them. I'll need strong people to accompany me on my journey."

"My lady, what shall I say to Ms. Tamara when she comes back?" Sila asked.

"Inform her that I went Aerdia, but only when she asks where I went," Sellareia answered. Sila nodded and took a step back.

Sellareia gathered the Dispersed Stars (Energy) in her right palm until the visible energy grew big enough to envelop her in a bubble. The energy grew brighter until the whole room was illuminated by it.

Sila covered her eyes and waited for the bright light to disappear. When the bright light disappeared, the only one left in the room is her. Sila thought to herself worriedly, 'I hope my lady will stay safe.'


On a mountain top in Aerdia, two old men were playing chess, and a middle-aged man was refilling their teacups.

The short-bearded old man laughed when he saw his friend almost losing to him. "Galavin, what's wrong with you? Why aren't you focusing?"

Galavin, the long-bearded old man asked back, his face worried, "Skrivel, did you feel that?"

"What are you talking about? Stop with your tricks!" Skrivel, the short-bearded old man reprimanded.

"I am not tricking you! There was a vibration in the air earlier," Galavin stood up.

Skrivel stopped laughing when he saw how serious Galavin is and asked, "What do you mean? A vibration? Where?"

"I don't know, it only occurred for a second," Galavin frowned.

"What do you think is it? Is it them?" Skrivel raised his eyebrows.

The middle-aged man intercepted, "Principal, Vice-Principal, what's happening? Is there something wrong?" Galavin nodded.

"Aldre, go and strengthen the defense of the Academy. I'm not sure if it's only my intuition, but something powerful might have entered Aerdia," Galavin ordered and Aldre responded with a nod.

"Skrivel, go and inform the Aerdians' Covenant Union (Council) to investigate anything or anyone suspicious in every corner of Aerdia," Galavin turned to Skrivel.

"Alright, I'll go right now." Skrivel and Aldre immediately went down from the mountain top to go do their duties.

Galavin stared at the sky and hoped that this ominous feeling he felt was only just his intuition.


Sellareia felt dizzy and nauseated from traveling in another domain. When she opened her eyes, she saw a place so vast that will take anyone miles to traverse. Sellareia saw a city from far away, too tiny to see from where she is. Then she felt lightheaded, and her body fell from the sky. Sellareia did not expect that she will fall from a height of more than 20 meters. She did not even have time to scream, and immediately used her powers to stabilize herself.

When she did steady herself, she bumped her back on a tree branch and lost control of her powers for a second. She fell from tree branch to tree branch, until she fell on the grass face-down.

"Ouch, that took me by surprise. I'm so unlucky to fall from the sky so suddenly," Sellareia exclaimed and used her arms to get up from the ground.

Sellareia did not get hurt too much because Celestial Beings have a resilient body. She walked in the forest and went to the road she saw earlier, find a vehicle for transportation and observe this domain.

Sellareia saw earlier in the sky that she was in the outer perimeter of the forest. She started to walk in the direction she saw where the forest will end. She looked at the giant trees and observed everything: to the small animals climbing the trees, to the different shaped rocks on the ground. Her every step made the leaves underneath crunch.

Sellareia perceived the difference in Celestial Sky and Aerdia. The air of both places was different. In the Celestial Sky, the air was heavy because of the strong energy emitting from the scattered Dispersed Stars. While in Aerdia, the air was gentle and serene, but lacking in energy.

While taking the magnificent view of the forest, Sellareia took a deep breath and immersed in this tranquility. Walking for a while now, she started to feel like something was watching her. She turned vigilant and started to scan her surroundings. In the nearby bush on her right, she saw a tiny red creature hiding behind it. She slowly walked near it and saw the tiny creature walk right in front of her.

The red tiny creature looked like a fox according to the book she read in Celestial Sky. No small creatures roamed Celestial Sky, because they will not be able to survive the heavy pressure of the Dispersed Stars. So it was Sellareia's first time to see such a tiny creature.

Sellareia tilted her face and the fox mimicked her. If people would see them, they would be weirded out by the fact that the big creature and the tiny creature stared at each other for a long time. Sellareia discovered that the fox has shiny red furs, cute tiny paws, and shiny black eyes. The fox trotted near Sellareia's feet and barked. The red fox used its paw to touch her leg, and looked at her from below, tilting its head like asking something from her. Sellareia froze, she got scared of the fox's voice. She did not read any information about their barks.

Sellareia quickly ran away from it, and hid behind a tree, while cautiously looking at the red fox from afar. The red fox stood there gaping at her, its little jaw opened wide from shock. The red fox got confused, why would this lady jump away from it in fright?

"W-what do you want?" Sellarei stuttered, she got scared because it's her first encounter with the tiny creature. Even though she saw them before in picture books, she didn't know how to confront it.

The two creatures, one tiny and another big looked at each other. There was silence around them for a minute, except for the sounds of birds chirping and animals rustling.

The silence continued until they heard a loud shout of a man near them. "Hey!" The shout startled Sellareia and the red fox from their staring contest. The footsteps of two men started nearing them. The two men emerged from behind the red fox.

One of the men said, "Nice! We finally found the naughty fox." The red fox darted away from the men and ran in front of the tree Sellareia was hiding in. The red fox was trembling from fear, and Sellareia pitied it. She cannot stand two grown men from bullying the red fox, so she stopped hiding and put herself between the red fox and the two men.

The two men were stunned when Sellareia showed up all of a sudden. The sun shone down from the treetops and showered Sellareia with light, emphasizing her beauty. For a moment they forgot the reason they were there because of her mesmerizing beauty.

"Stop! Don't you hurt this tiny creature!" Sellareia shouted with elegance. At first, she was scared of the red fox, but she noticed that the red fox did not want to harm her.

When they heard Sellareia call out to them, they snapped out of their trance. The one who shouted earlier when he saw the fox whistled, "Beauty! Where did you come from? Wanna come with us? We still have unfinished business with the fox, it took something from us." The men were looking at her lecherously, one of them even licked his lips looking at her body.

"Who do you think you are to fool me?! I am not going to come with you," Sellareia said, eyeing them with disdain. If it wasn't for the red fox, she wouldn't have bothered to talk to these men.

"Miss! Don't be like that," one of them creepily chuckled.

"Yeah, we're decent people. How could you slander us, good men?" The other man said while they continued to get near Sellareia and corner her to the tree.

Sellareia sneered at them and lifted her right hand, "Then I should not make you wait any longer." Sellareia swiped her hand at the men in a slapping motion and used her powers to crash them on the ground. The sounds of bone-breaking and two men's screams echoed through the forest and rattled the poor animals to run away. The two men spewed blood and lay on the ground taking their last breaths. They were unlucky to meet Sellareia, for they didn't even have time to retaliate.

The red fox cheered behind her for taking out the bullies. Sellareia used her powers to widen the soil beneath their bodies and buried them underneath. It's best that evidence of a crime, no, playful activity be hidden if it did not end well. She dusted her hands and looked proud of her work.

Sellareia looked at the fox behind her thoughtfully. She did not get scared anymore because it seemed harmless, and cannot fend for itself.

"What did you take from them?" Sellareia asked pointing at the soil where the dead men were buried.

The red fox walked around the dead men's soil and went inside the bush it hid in earlier. The red fox took a crate and dragged it to Sellareia's feet. It used its paw and pointed it at its mouth, indicating that it stole it to eat.

Sellareia opened the crate and saw dozens of apples. Sellareia became happy when she saw her favorite fruits, "Is this also your favorite?"

The red fox happily nodded. "You are indeed naughty," Sellareia smiled.

The red fox shook its head and pointed at its belly with its paw, then it played dead. It seemed like it was saying that he might die of hunger. Sellareia became amused, "Then I'll take one."

The red fox shook its head and pushed the whole crate to Sellareia. "You want to give it all to me?" Sellareia was surprised.

The red fox nodded, but it kept on stealing glances at the crate. Sellareia chuckled, "Are you sure?"

The red fox hesitated but nodded again. "Why?" Sellareia was confused. She did not know why would the red fox give her the food it painstakingly stole.

The red fox went near to Sellareia's feet and pointed to itself and at Sellareia. It brushed its head on Sellareia's feet and rolled around on the ground. "You want to go together with me?"

The red fox nodded. Sellareia pretended to hesitate and think. "But what can you do for me?" The red fox pointed at the crate and tried to howl. But his howls were weak barks. It seemed to say that it can look for more food.

"Hmm, let me think about it first," Sellareia said. The red fox panicked and pitifully cried, sat down, and covered its head with its paws. The cries continued, it was heartbreaking.

"Okay, I'll take you with me. Stop crying," Sellareia squatted down and patted the red fox. The red fox stopped crying and ran around Sellareia, barking happily.

"Little Red," called Sellareia. The red fox stopped running to face her and tilted its head, asking why did she say that for?

"I will call you Little Red from now on," The red fox pointed at its fur, it seemed to ask was it the reason why she called it 'Little Red.' "Yes, you're right, because it suits you," Sellareia grinned.

Sellareia carried the red fox, swiped her hand on the crate to put it inside her storage bag. And once again, Sellareia started on her journey with her new companion.