A Mommy For Hire:The heiress must get married. Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

A Mommy For Hire:The heiress must get married.


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What does fate have in store for the rebellious granddaughter,Tiana Hamilton and billionaire daddy,Damien Kings? Tiana Estrella Hamilton,the wild heiress to a world recognized multi billion automobile company,is set on a dangerous mission to destroy her grandma. She has it all. Money. Beauty. Brain.  But yet, still had something which she craved for but doesn't intend on admitting it, Happiness. On the run, to avoid a forced marriage set up by her grandma to make her realize the intensity of her action, which was going to destroy everything she had ever worked hard for. She meets Damien Kings, Billionaire daddy who's on the lookout for a perfect motherly figure for his little pea, Daisy. What does Tiana know about taking care of a five year old?But yet,she suggested  an idea that would favour  the both of them. A contract marriage for a year. His daughter gets a mommy,she in turn, gets a husband of her choice  and not that of her gram's but under a condition made by Damien. No feelings attached! What would happen, when a marriage which had been vividly documented to end in a year's time without any feeling attached,ends up getting more realistic, serious and enjoyable for something which was meant to be all an act? How will Damien end up convincing the wild heiress,to give a chance at love when all she had ever experienced was betrayal from said loved ones? How sure is Tiana, that she's not  changing with the time spent with her dramatic daughter,daisy? Would her revenge still come to light?  Would little Daisy still end up having Tiana as her mother after a year is up? Would Damien see Tiana differently, when the contract is over and he's deeply in love with her? What would happen when Nancy, Daisy's real  mother, stands as  a big opposition to the  couples' show  of affection towards each other? Most importantly,is saying 'i do' to Damien Kings, a good decision which she had made or just another repetition of her mother's mistake, which she made in the name of love? Finally,would getting married be the game changing plan that grandma saw as the only way, to calm her rebellious granddaughter down? Find out in this promising story,with numerous funny scenes from our little pumpkin,daisy. Rated 18+ The cover photo doesn't belong to me and all credits goes to the original owner. ~~~~~~~ Other books by the other: *365 Days To Love* *Dangerous Love:Two can Play This Game* *The Ceo's Runaway Babymama* *Instagram ID: IrreplaceableSassy *Discord ID:Jayden222#1882 *TikTok ID: Irreplaceablesassy1 *Facebook ID: Jayden *My Server: https://discord.gg/KGxczvhp


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