1 EPISODE 1 - I'm a Mob Character

The world is a vast place, and here I am a Japanese High School student living my life in Japan. My name is Kibe Takayuki, I am a 13 year old male, and what I can say is...my life is filled with nothing. IT'S FULL OF BULLSH*T! I'VE GOT NO ACCOMPLISHMENTS THUS FAR FILLED WITH AVERAGE GRADES AND SPENDING MY LIFE AS AN OTAKU! Nothing to make a story out of. And thus begins a day that forever changed my life.

April 5, 20XX

One, Monday morning, I woke up from my bed as unoriginal as ever with my mouth open and drooling with a bit of snot on my face. I had breakfast at 8:00 AM. Then left home at 8:30 AM. No bath, no problem, I'm a stinker. It's the first day of school again, and the same as ever, I'm bored to go. I had 15 minutes left but my school was just a walk away, so I took a detour.

Kibe Takayuki: Time to grab some drinks!

I hit a vending machine and bought some melon soda. I sat on a bench and watched as the students pass by. Then something hit me. WHAT THE HECK IS UP WITH THEIR HAIRSTYLE AND COLOR?

Girl 1: I'm gonna be late for school! *With toast in mouth*

That girl right now, she had pink hair, THE F*CK? THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE!

Note: Kibe is a baka(idiot).

I began to have suspicions that something was up, my intuition since the very day I was born! Of course, I looked like a stalking idiot who was late for class. Wait, oh sh*t!

I was late for the first day of class, I went to my class, Class 2-1. And as I opened the door...

Kibe Takayuki: *shout* PRESENT!

Teacher: Oh, ok take a seat, we'll wait for the others.

And so, the thought of making an embarrassing entrance never crossed my mind because... there were 3 to 4 people present in a class of 20 people, how lucky!

And then around 5 minutes, they all came crashing down.

Student 1: Present!

Student 2: Present!

Student 3: Absent!

Student 4: Yello!

Student 5: PRESENT!

Skipping through the USELESS details, we were arranged and thus we introduced ourselves. Nope, no way am I introducing my classmates this early.

The seating arrangement was 4 by 5 and I was in the 2nd row in the 3rd column.

Something was off. Like my presence was being overwhelmed with such intense aura. Then something started to catch my eye little by little, most of my classmates had hair which was in a way... off, like in an anime or manga, some with spiky, and some with hair colors like the rainbow. And thus began my hypothesis: I was living in a manga world. And so began my experiment.

Note: Kibe is a big baka(idiot).

First off, if this was a manga world, then an MC would most likely be near the window, in other words, THE MC POSITION OTAKUS AND WEEBS KNOW ABOUT! The 1st column.

I asked the person who seemed to be MC material in the same row as mine. He had spiky, blue hair and seemed friendly, is he the protagonist?

Kibe: Um, hello?

He didn't answer. He seemed to be reminiscing or having flashbacks which support my guess for him being the MC. After a while, he noticed me.

Student: Oh sorry, I was spacing out, oh um, what's your name?

Kibe: Takayuki, Kibe Takayuki, yours?

I'm being friendly, what a pain.

Kase: Yoshio, Kase Yoshio, you can call me Yoshio-kun.

We talked for a while, and after a while I got to ask the important details.

Kibe: So, how was your life before school?

Kase: I...I don't want to talk about it...

Kibe: Oh ok, it's fine.

And so through my observation skills, he brings out a picture that seemed to be two adults and a baby.

Seems like a family, and they all blue-haired? Suspicious. I have a guess, I'm living in a shounen manga. I think those are his parents and they are dead. Parents dead, check. Reminiscing at the first day of school, check. MC position, check, Odd hair, check. He is definitely a shounen protagonist.

*Kase looks worryingly at the picture and speaks some dialogue*

Oh he's crying? Meh. And can you stop whispering it's annoying it's like there's a bee on my ear. T_T

I was about to go back to my seat when someone caught my eye, on the very last row and column on the left, also in the MC position lies a very handsome man, lucky bastard. And his seatmate, a girl seems to be clinging to him. Hey, hey, hey, this is a school you dimwitts stop acting lovey-dovey. And from what I heard from their conversation, is that the term "childhood friend", "I like you", and such was mentioned. I can easily guess that he is a rom-com protagonist, why? Because no one is looking at them besides two girls, not only that, the teacher doesn't notice them. Is he blind or something? No, he was a rom-com or harem protagonist. It's a rule that teachers are usually blind during these times.


Out of frustration, I looked behind, there, and everywhere, and based on my intuition, THEY WERE PROTAGONISTS, most of 'em. So did that mean I was a protagonist, of course, but what kind? I tried to figure out myself.

It was lunch, given they most were pretty much protagonists, I needed to know what kind I was, and knowing that a story will start, I waited patiently for something to happen, an event, a girl coming to me, a guy coming to be friends at me, but nothing happened.


But to my interest, no one noticed me shout, I was filled with dread. I kept saying hello and barely anyone said hello or noticed me, no one would come to me or talk to me. And then I came to the sad conclusion... I'm a mob character, unexpectedly. A MOB CHARACTER?!! NO WAY I'M GONNA ACCEPT THAT WORLD! IN A WORLD FILLED WITH PROTAGONISTS, I'LL SHOW YOU I'M A MAIN CHARACTER TOO!

Note: And thus the battle begins! A worldly battle for the role of protagonist! Will the young idiot warrior become a Main Character? Find out soon...


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