A Military Doctor Became a Stepmom in Ancient Times

Ning Yue was a military doctor and a special forces soldier. During a mission to rescue hostages, she died from a bomb explosion. Ning Yue thought she was dead, but when she opened her eyes, she had become a woman in ancient times with the same name but a different surname. This woman’s father was a general, but she lived in the Ning Family Village and was raised by her adoptive parents for more than ten years. A year ago, the people from the general’s residence found her and brought her back. However, they sent her back again a few months later. When the original owner of the body returned to the village, she was pregnant and gave birth to twin sons within a few months. Another year passed, and the year of the great drought was ushered in. The entire village had to flee. The original owner of the body left with the rest of the villagers with her two sons and slow-witted father. In other words, the current special forces soldier, Ning Yue, was an older single young woman who had not experienced the sweetness of love. She had skipped all those steps, and directly became a mother to two children. She also gained the original owner’s dim-witted father and a body that didn’t work and had hunger pangs after starving for two days. But was that all? Don’t be naive! “Don’t eat my daughter! Don’t eat my daughter!” The original owner’s father pleaded. “The older one’s meat is too hard, so it needs to be cooked longer. These two small ones have tender meat, so they only need to be roasted for a while. We’ll eat the big one tomorrow!” Ning Yue, who was now being viewed as food, looked up at the sky and said to herself, “Gee, thanks SO much!”

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Not to mention Ning Guang, Ning Yue was also about to collapse. Just now, it was just an outburst of energy when she encountered danger. Now that she was safe, she felt that she was about to starve to death. She was thirsty and hungry.

She wanted to try to see if she could directly conjure up some food, but when she saw Ning Guang, she was worried that it would be difficult to explain if she was seen. Who knew if Ning Guang was reliable? She had just transmigrated here, so she had to be more cautious.

"Father, I'll go see if the two people outside have anything to eat." Ning Yue put the children down again and went outside to search for food.

The two of them did not have a single thing on them, except for a few pieces of silver. Ning Yue was not sure about the currency here, but it was not wrong to keep them.

After putting away the silver, Ning Yue began to chant in her heart, "Give me two meat buns!"

In the next moment, there really were two large meat buns in her hand. They were in a Tupperware container and looked like the kind sold in large supermarkets. They were still warm.

She was pleasantly surprised, but before she could eat, she chanted, "Two bottles of second-stage liquid milk!"

It was too troublesome to brew milk powder. Liquid milk could be drunk directly. She was a virgin who suddenly became a mother. She felt strange, but she could not help but want to take care of those two poor children.

Thankfully, one of her former friends had become a mother early and often gave her a little experience of babysitting.

Two bottles of liquid milk appeared in Ning Yue's hands. A satisfied smile appeared on her face. She turned around and returned to the temple. She handed a large meat bun to Ning Guang. "Father, eat quickly. I just found it on them."

How could Ning Guang know so much? He swallowed his saliva when he saw the meat buns and wished he could eat them in one bite. However, he pouted and looked at Ning Yue. "I'm not eating. I'm giving it to my grandchildren. Yueyue, eat your fill…"

It was just a meat bun. He wanted to save it for his daughter and grandchildren.

Ning Yue's heart warmed and she was actually a little touched. She took out another meat bun. "I have one. Eat it. The children have milk to drink."

Hearing her say this, Ning Guang finally wolfed down the meat bun.

Ning Yue also quickly finished the meat bun to give herself some strength before feeding the children with milk.

The two little fellows were very obedient. When they were drinking milk, they would look at Ning Yue and smile from time to time, making her heart melt.

After drinking the milk, the children were a little full and fell asleep comfortably again. However, Ning Yue was extremely thirsty.

As she sat there to rest, she tried to close her eyes and concentrate on her thoughts. Sure enough, a door appeared in front of her. It was completely modern. She pushed open the door and entered. It was actually a huge mall!

There was no one else inside, but there were all kinds of shops and goods. If she willed it, the item would appear in front of her without her having to look for it herself.

What surprised her the most was that there were even fresh vegetables and fruits that looked like they were freshly replenished.

The mall had a total of three floors. The first floor was filled with various clothes, jewelry and a large pharmacy. The second floor was filled with all kinds of food and daily necessities. There were all kinds of hardware tools. Ning Yue found a handy electric baton and prepared to give Ning Guang temporary training later.

As soon as she took out the electric baton, another one immediately appeared on the shelf. It could actually be replenished automatically?

With the mall at her disposal, the world was hers. Ning Yue was overjoyed. She tried to find a socket to charge the electric baton. It could be charged!

After turning on the tap in the washroom, Ning Yue was pleasantly surprised by the clear water source. It seemed that there was an unlimited supply of water and electricity here.

On the third floor, she found the elevator out of service and walked up to a large door that was locked and wouldn't open.

Ning Yue simply went downstairs and walked around to the back of the mall. There was a huge warehouse and freezer there. She didn't know if they had anything stored there, but her gaze was drawn to a circular stone well that lay in the open space between the mall and the warehouse.

Curious, she walked over to take a look and saw that the well was full. She could reach out and touch it.

"Wahhh…" A child's cries interrupted Ning Yue. She quickly went to check on the situation. It turned out that the child was uncomfortable after peeing. She hurriedly took a set of diapers from the space and put it on him. The baby was in a swaddle on the outside, so it couldn't be seen.

Then, Ning Yue tried to continue taking things from the space.

"I want two bottles of mineral water!" Ning Yuehuai chanted in her heart. Soon, two bottles of water appeared in her hands.

She unscrewed a bottle and chugged it down.

Then she unscrewed another bottle and handed it to Ning Guang. "Dad, drink some water."

She didn't feel awkward calling him "Dad" at all. As she was affected by the original body, she felt very casual and natural.

Ning Guang took the water and finished it in one gulp. He clapped happily like a child. "Drink water. I'm not thirsty anymore!"

Ning Yue smiled and put the empty bottle back into her space. Otherwise, if someone found out what it was, it would attract attention.

"Okay, let's get out of here." Ning Yue didn't want to stay with the two corpses. Besides, the dilapidated temple was very unsafe. Anyone could come in. They needed a safer place.

Ning Guang nodded. He would listen to Ning Yue. Although he was stupid, he was very obedient.

Thinking of how she was almost eaten, Ning Yue still had a lingering fear. She decided to take defensive measures before leaving and handed the electric baton she took out from the space to Ning Guang.