1 The Rock Of New Beginnings

Once upon a time there lived a mermaid princess named  Moon Light. Moon was 15. She has a small round face with lightly sprinkled freckles on her plumped cheeks and her cute small round nose.Her beautiful vibrant green eyes with flecks of gold that pop against her tan skin, alongside her long solf silky black hair with white and gold streaks that was framing her face perfectly. she had a semi hour glass body. her tail was black at the waist, faded into a lightly dark red, with fins of white, faded dark red, and streaks of gold. her father was the king of the sea and her mother was the queen. Her mother was very nice and loved her with all her heart, as well as her father. but her father never really understood her like her mother. She always had an expectation on her to be the best, to live up to her father with no mistakes, mistakes weren't tolerated. she has to be the perfect little daughter that will one day be like her father and rule over the sea. but she never wanted that, not at all, she always had a fascination with new things and she loved exploring, but of course as all storys go things airn't that easy for her. she can never have the freedom she longs and been longing for her hole life.

One day her father came to her. He needed to speak to her about something urgent and very important.

"Moon I'd like to speak to you." Her father exclaimed. 

   "Yes what's up." Moon responded. 

   " I'm sorry but you have to get married-" he gets interrupted

   "What?!" Moon  yelled in confutation and anger

   "You have to get married" her father explained with sympathy in his calm voice 

Moon was shocked and speechless, but when she found her voice it wasn't very pretty. " WHAT!! WHY!! I CAN'T!!! IT'S NOT FAIR!!!!" Moon yelled in anger.

   "Now, now calm down let me explain," he exclaimed in a soothing voice "if you don't we wouldn't have a future queen-" he gets interrupted again. 

   "But have you thought about what I want! I don't want to get married!" She snapped back with anger.


   " FINE!!!" She snapped and yelled with all her might back at his comment before swimming off.

   " WAIT!" He hollered "what have I done." He whispered to himself with regret in his voice.


  She swam as fast as she could, to her favorite place, the only place that no one would be able to find her, to her secret hideout. " W-w-why?" she talked to herself in stutters and with tears threatening to break. "Why do I have to get married? I don't want to." She continued to talk to herself with stutters and the tears more heavy, about to break and fall down her almost sobbing face. " I don't want this life, it isn't fair to me." The tears started to fall. "I just want to be free, explore the in explored. so why, why cant I do that" she went to her rock above the water. " I wonder what it's like to have legs?" She said to herself  with a sigh that had a hit of longing in it. " I wonder…"

She accidentally fell asleep on the rock, and when she was asleep, a big wave came.

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