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a mermaid's adventure


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this story was inspired by the little mermaid. a girl named Moon who is beloved by her mother and father has to take up queen one day. with her father not understanding her, he gets in a fight with her. with the results ending up with Moon running away and to her favorite rock above the surface. she falls asleep on this rock and when she awoke she was on a beach with... WAIT WHAT LEGS! she meets her best friend a Pegasus named Amber and When Amber's Home went into utter chaos by "the dark force" it's up to Moon to help save Amber's home. will Moon and Amber defeat "the dark force"? will Moon find out her history? Why she was there? was she the chosen one? little note:I made this book for a project in gr 6 but I couldn't fit all my ideas in the short amount of time I was given so I ended up modifying it a year later and adding everything that I wanted to add. if there are any spelling or grammar mistakes please let me know in the comments of the chapter it is well appreciated. I made some other books too so if you want to read those ask me to publish them. I hope you enjoy this book as much as I enjoyed making it. have fun reading!


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