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A men with our family


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An adage said “What is the gain of a Man that gain the whole world and lose his Family”. Family in every angle is a good part that determines the happiness of Man life right from childhood, adult age and old age. Childhood stage with family is all about when i was a kid with my parent and other people in the family and the stage which the whole family care for me in every aspect i need so as to be happy with them. Adult age is what people know as the maturity stage that the family will believe i can start doing good things myself, controlling myself and making myself happy. It is also the time when the family believe i am ripe to have a future partner and when i can produce offspring which the whole family will be happy to see me doing having responsibility. It is the stage that i will embrace the new family that are wives and children on how to live a good life. Raising children is a good responsibility that i will be happy of both today and in the future. The Old age is when the raised children are matured to do things on their own based on the lesson given to them by me as the head of the family when they are young. This old age is describe as the time when my bones will be weak to work and when minds rubbing will be based on my experience. But if at the old age am with my family i will be happy because my family will care for me and they will not want me to die irrespective of my age. Despite the fact that am not capable of doing things to feed the family unlike the time i was young but my family will care for me and i will be happy and free because am no more working and i will take free meals without stress. Everyone in life is endowed by special things which is not the same but the importance of having a family is essential during someone lifetime. The care received by someone will describe the type of family someone get. With all the importance of a Family some did not cherish it but they learn their lesson at the time of problems when their friend will not be available that the only means to solve the solution is seeking a family help. Friends are sometimes categorized as part of family but friend is different from a family because friend can go away at anytime but the family will never leave you because they will believe your success is their success and your failure is their failure. Note: “You can do things with your thinking and in your own way even neglecting family advice But a day will surely come when you will need their help and they will surely help you” “A Friend will always be with you when he benefit from you but once you lack what they need they will leave you and find another person But family cannot do that because they believe you are a good part of the family existence irrespective of your acts” “Family may not even benefit from what you have or have knowledge of what you have which a friend will know most, But when the problem comes they stand up and bear it together with you without looking back at your wrongdoings or neglections of their advice” “A lonely soul without a family can tell more about the important of a family due to the lack of love he missed right from childhood till the present age”